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Help!!! Sequential Flow to Approve Quality Documents

I have been trying to create a flow to manage sequential approvals for several months and run into issues with each one.  This is what I would like to do:

1. Add a document to a folder, which will trigger the flow.

2. Have an approver recieve an email and be able to follow a link to the document, then Approve or Reject.

3. The name of the approver needs to be added to the folder column and date approved.

4. Once approved or rejected an email needs to be sent to the person who adds the document to the folder.

5. If approved the approval should move to the next person in line and follow above.


I know it's pretty simple but some of the triggers have changed, or the names have changed so templates aren't helping.  The videos from Jon Levesque are so outdated the triggers and conditions don't exist anymore.  


Please help!  I am almost to the point of abandoning Flow altogether.



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Re: Help!!! Sequential Flow to Approve Quality Documents

Hi @ClumberGirl ,


This is indeed not too complicated. It is all about organising your flows. 


First of all don't try to implement a multi approval flow with a single flows run. It most likely just makes your flow complicated.


If you have multiple levels of approval then I would implemnt somethign that looks at a status field (or a cobination of fields) on your document.


The following post by Serge Luca give you a good idea ofhow you can create a central controller process that looks at different stages of your process:




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Re: Help!!! Sequential Flow to Approve Quality Documents



Thank you so much.  But this is way over my head.