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Helper II
Helper II

Help Updating Multi-Select field inside of an Apply to Each loop

Hi There –


I’m really stuck on something and am hoping someone can help me!


I have four SharePoint lists:

  1. CSProjects contains a column for TemplateType
  2. CSTaskTemplates contains a list of tasks for each TemplateType
  3. CSProjectTasks contains tasks from the TemplateTask.
  4. CSUsers is used as a lookup for task assignments.

What I’m trying to do:

  1. When a new Project is created in my PowerApp, it saves the project details to my CSProjects list.
  2. I have a flow that triggers when the new CSProject item is created on the CSProjects list.
  3. The flow:
    1. Gets the TemplateType field from the CSProjects list
    2. Gets Items from the CSTaskTemplates list where the template name matches the Template selected on the Project
    3. Then for each item, it creates an item in my CSProjectTasks list and includes all of the task details (Start Date, Planned Hours, Duration, AssignedTo, etc).

Originally, the AssignedTo field was a single select field (a lookup to my CSUsers table). Everything was working fine using the flow shown below:




This is where I’m Stuck

However a new requirement is that tasks need to allow for multiple Assignments. I have added a new Assignments field that is now a multi-select lookup to my CSUsers table. I’ve watched several videos and read several posts…in fact, I followed this post by WonderLaura ( and I feel like I’m close, but not quite there. All the examples I’ve seen are examples where there is only one record to update. My dilemma is that I’m trying to update multiple records in a Apply to Each loop. So it seems I now have an array inside of an array (and arrays already “throw me for a loop”).


When the flow runs, it creates the records on my ProjectTasks list, however all the tasks have all of the Assigned users instead of just the users assigned to that task. This is a screenshot of the output.


Below are screenshots of my flow as it stands now.








Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!


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