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Help configuring a complex Flow

I have a SharePoint list where we hold help desk tickets.  I have a separate list helpdesktickets_archive where we store older tickets by way of using the legacy workflows and once we change the status of the ticket from the main list from anything status to "archive" my older process (using workflows built into SharePoint) would copy that ticket from helpdesk list to helpdesk_archive, then it would delete the original ticket from that list.


I have found some walk throughs but none show what I'm attempting to accomplish.  Any help is appreciated as I'm very new to MS Flow but would like to learn and start using it.


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Here is the workflow using SharePoint desinger.  msflow.PNG

Resolver II
Resolver II

Hi @thedarkpools,

You can trigger this using the When an item is created or modified SharePoint trigger but you would be firing the Flow a lot and then evaluating to see if the status is Archive. I would recommend a daily (or whatever frequency you want) scheduled Flow that operates against an Archive view.  The Flow would do the following


  • Initiate on your schedule
  • Get the all of the Items in the Archive view (create one if you don't already have one)
  • Loop through the items in the view and
    1. Create an item in the Archive list mapping the columns from the original list to the archive list
    2. Delete the item from the original list

Have a look at the screen shots and see if that answers your needs.

Schedule and Get ItemsSchedule and Get Items


Apply to EachApply to Each


Create and DeleteCreate and Delete

Hope that helps!


@Piper  thank you for this.


We have the main help desk list that we work off of to update ticket notes and changes.  This problem stems from only being able to hold 5k in one list in one view.  If we reach that # you can no longer access the site to create a ticket.

What we did was create a new list called helpdesk_archive and then when we change the "status" of the exsisting ticket on the existing list to "Archive" the old flow would run and then copy that item to the Archive list then delete the orginal from the original list.  

My question is why do I need to create a new view?  Can't I configure this from your walkthrough to say run on the current list once a day on any items that have a status of "Archive"? Then it will trigger to do the needful?


Thanks again for your help.

@Piper  Any thoughts on my last comment?  Thanks in advance for your time.

Anyone else have any thoughts??

Hi @thedarkpools 


@Piper approach is correct, however, there's only one thing I would change, and that's in the SharePoint - Get items. Since you only need the items with status Archive, I'd apply a Filter Query to retrieve just those items. This is what the filter query would look like:  Status eq 'status dynamic content goes here'. Also, the screenshot below shows you what the filter query looks like. I hope this helps.



Fausto Capellan, Jr

Fausto Capellan, Jr
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@faustocapellanj  Thank you.


I tried to create the item and got stuck on "Filter Query" to add the item like you suggested.  When I click that field, it says I have no Dynamic Content Available.  So, I'm unable to add your method here. I did some review and it appears I'm missing these options because the list I want to run the flow on has items that are multi-choice and marked as mandatory.  I'm unsure how to finish this based on that.  Any other direction is appreciated. 

Hi @thedarkpools 


Apologies for the confusion in the screenshot. For your case, you will have to enter the value manually because dynamic content is only available from a preceding action. Your filter query should look like the example below:

Status eq 'Archived'

Try that and let me know.



Fausto Capellan, Jr
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Hey sorry @thedarkpools I was vacation and just returned.


As for why I suggested creating the Archive View, I thought it would be intuitive to use and test and ensure you didn't get into any view threshold issues. A view is just a saved query it isn't much different than the oData filter suggested by @faustocapellanj except you can control the columns you need in the view as well as limit the rows to just those with the Archive status.


I hope you flow is working,


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