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Help converting Person/Name field to a string with multiple people

Hi all, 


I have a flow set up that pulls certain items that need to be scheduled or rescheduled each week and sends them to me in the form of a table built using the select function. I am using a combo of compose, select and join to make a people column (with multiple) a string to go into the table. This is working however, I can not figure out how to cycle through and create a new string of names for EACH item/meeting, it just sends me the same string for each. I have been using item().ColumnName to cycle through data in the other columns but can not figure out how to use that functionality for a variable I created myself. 


An idea I had is to create a new column that populates my people --> stringvariable data and just do item().NewColumn 


Thanks in advance for all your advice. 







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Super User

Hello @seffk ,

if I've understood correctly, please refer to the following Post:


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Hi Marco 


This is close to what I need and currently have, I currently am able to make the new string of comma seperated text of names but I am having trouble when it comes to looping through that new variable I created. 


What I have: a string of names I pulled using select and join labeled under a new initialized variable called CompanyNames. 


What I need: How to I loop through this variable similar to my other ones per row in my table I am emailing to myself. For example, assume MeetingTime is one of my columns I was typing item().MeetingTime so each row of my table had the respective time of a given meeting. When I try to enter item().CompanyNames this formula is invalid.. 


Thanks in advance 




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