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Help me set this custom connector please

I am trying to set up custom connector for Zoho CRM that used oAuth 2. For some reason i can't get it to work because something related to refresh token and query parameters in custom connector. I am attaching a link to the community post where 2 people have done it by making 2 custom connector one for authentication and other for making API calls using the access token received from first connector. I can't wrap my head around it.


I can do it in Postman. I can get the refresh token manually. But, how to create a custom connector that will fetch the access token based on that refresh token?


Just in case i am attaching the documentation link of the API that i am trying to create custom connector for:


Any help appreciated





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Hello - 
First step is to get your custom auth connector working then you can use that to "feed" the access token to your custom connector that  will interact with the Zoho CRM api.

The custom auth connector just has one get action to retrieve the token .

Here is the swagger def you should be able to past this into your connector using the swagger editor option and then just change the values related to your api login. Once you have that wokring and you can test it and get an access key back you would just add this as an initial step in your flow, store the value in a variable and pass it to your other custom connector for all subsequent api calls.

swagger: '2.0'
info: {title: Zoho Auth, description: '', version: '1.0'}
basePath: /oauth/v2/
schemes: [https]
consumes: []
produces: []
          description: default
            type: object
              access_token: {type: string, description: access_token}
              api_domain: {type: string, description: api_domain}
              token_type: {type: string, description: token_type}
              expires_in: {type: integer, format: int32, description: expires_in}
      summary: Get Access Token
      operationId: GetAccessToken
      - {name: refresh_token, in: query, required: true, type: string, default: 1000.dsfsdfsfdsfdsdfsf.}
      - {name: client_id, in: query, required: true, type: string, default: 1000.sfsdfgg45g524wrevgr}
      - {name: client_secret, in: query, required: true, type: string, default: 234trewfggfverwg25gg4bhsa}
      - {name: redirect_uri, in: query, required: false, type: string}
      - {name: grant_type, in: query, required: true, type: string, default: refresh_token}
definitions: {}
parameters: {}
responses: {}
securityDefinitions: {}
security: []
tags: []


Thank you for the reply. I was able to make connector from your post. It is successfully getting access token. The problem is when i want to use that access token in the different connector that makes the api calls. But, header is not overriding. 


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