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Help needed! Copy contents of lookup field from List 2 to List 1

I have a SharePoint List (List 1) with a form which asks for the user's Location:new-item.png






Form 1






The Location is a drop-down choice column based on a lookup from a reference List (List 2):Icons.PNG






List 2






I need to copy the contents of the chosen Location's IconURL field from List 2 to the current item's Icon field  in List 1. Both source and target columns are formatted as Hyperlink/Picture fields.Announce.png











This should be pretty straighforward, considering that both lists are in the same site, but I can't get it set up in FLOW.
Can anyone help me?



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Here is what I came up woth and it works okay on my end. 




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Here is what I came up woth and it works okay on my end. 




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Solution Sage

Hi JamesB-NBCC,

I have made a test on @spsolutionsgrp method, it works will.

You can take a reference.


Best Regards,


Sorry for my delay in replying. I will try this FLOW this morning. Thank you for your speedy response to my question Heart

Hi @spsolutionsgrp,

I tried picking my site and list from the drop-down selectors, but although some of my sites were listed the one I wanted was not. I tried adding the URL and the list name as custom values, but even after saving the FLOW, it still wouldn't resolve the custom URL to the actual site with the list I needed to access.

I'm not sure why some sites and subsites show up in my tenant and others don't... 

I am logged in as myself (O365 Admin and Site Collection Admin) so it shouldn't have anything to do with permissions. 
The subsites exist because I can easily navigate to them.  

Does this make any sense to you?


Sometimes it is tricky with selecting the sites.  I am not sure how or why some sites are in the list (usualy not the ones you need 🙂 ).  I would ry it again and make sure you choose custom first and make sure the site field is blank then paste your site address in.  If you paste first then choose custom it will not work. 


It still doesn't want to resolve the subsites after I type them in and SAVE. Interestingly enough, if I type in one of the sites that are listed in the drop-down, it will resolve them.

AARRGGHH.... frustrating! Smiley Frustrated


I was hoping to get this 'simple' FLOW working, then I was going to ask for help on another FLOW to populate a list of events by pulling them from a series of calendars...


I will let this rest for today. I'll revisit it again tomorrow. Maybe with a miracle and a fresh start it will work tomorrow.

okay, let me know.

@JamesB-NBCC  any luck?

HI @spsolutionsgrp,

It's the weirdest thing... I just checked this morning and now I can see my subsite's URL has resolved, but the name of the lists don't show up.


On the drop-down list of site addresses, is there a limit of 12 items? I think that might be one of my issues. However, I don't know why I'm not able to see my lists.

Also, having the option of "Enter custom value" is pointless because when you do running the FLOW just generates an error:Captur2.PNG

I will have to do additional testing to see if I can get around that issue, but I'd like to thank you for your original reply in this thread.

I'm sure the steps your outlined would work if I didn't also have other problems in my O365 tenant. 

I will mark your reply as an acceptable answer.

Thanks again.


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