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Help with my first build using Sharepoint Lists and Power Automate flows to automate portions of Document Processing

Other than dozens of hours watching MS Learn videos and documentation, dozens of hours of classes on LinkedIn Learning, and about a week of reading community articles, I am brand-spanking new to Power Automate! I'm hoping some help from this community will accelerate my learning curve - so thanks in advance to all the community solution providers!


The purpose is to track business documents saved into a SharePoint ‘Docs2Process’ folder (files may be scanned and manually added, email attachments added, and possibly other document collection methods), allow inputs for document-specific data which will be used to rename the file and to determine the file storage location.

I customized the Work Progress Tracker Sharepoint List Template and added these input columns:

  • [DocType] (Choice between credit card receipts, bills, vendor statements, and more)
  • [Account] (Choice between various credit cards, vendor accounts, etc. and updated by bookkeeper)
  • [Vendor] (Choice between vendors generated from QB Online report by bookkeeper)
  • [DocDate] (Transaction date)
  • [Amount] (Transaction amount)

I created my first successful flow to create a new list item whenever a new file is created in ‘Docs2Process’ folder; also, attach the file contents, [Status] is updated to ‘Not started’, [Start date] is updated to ‘utcnow’, and [Due date] is updated to ‘utcnow’ + 24 hours.

Guidance in developing my Tracking and Filing automations would be most appreciated. Here are my objectives:

Tracking Objectives

  • When any of the input columns are updated, the [Status] column updates from ‘Not started’ to ‘In Progress’
  • When the [Due date] is past, the [Status] column updates to ‘Behind’ (only if the current state of [Status] is either ‘Not started’ or ‘In Progress’)
  • When all the input columns are updated, the [Status] column updates to ‘Completed’
  • When the Filing automation successfully renames the attachment file and moves it to appropriate Sharepoint folder, the [Status] is updated to ‘Archived’
  • When user updates the [Status] column to ‘Blocked’, a notification is sent to bookkeeper to assist

Filing Objectives

  • When [Status] = ‘Completed’, create a new FileName for the attachment using data in the input columns
    • [DocType]_[Account]_[Vendor]_[DocDate]_[Amount]
    • [DocType] choice value will be converted, i.e. ‘Credit card receipt’ nomenclature will be “cc”
    • [Account] choice value can be used ‘as is’
    • [Vendor] choice value will prob need to be converted since the choice options will be updated regularly and the FileName should be without spaces, i.e. ‘ABC Supply Co.’ might become “ABCSupply”
    • [DocDate] will be converted into ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ format
    • [Amount] value should be formatted with 2 decimal places, no currency symbol, and negative amounts begin with “-“ sign
  • Then (after the new FileName is created for the document), determine the new file location in a separate SharePoint documents folder (Accounting) and subfolders
    • [DocType] choice value will determine the primary folder, i.e. all ‘Credit card receipt’ doctypes will be in the “03. Payables” primary folder
    • [DocDate] value will determine both the ‘year’ and ‘month’ subfolders, i.e. “03. Payables/2022/04. April”

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