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Helper I
Helper I

Help with uploads in forms and emailing out

Hello everyone


I have been racking my brain with this for days/weeks, I have tried so many tutorials, and guides but nothing seems to work.


I have a form, set up for end user to submit a ticket for help (help desk IT ticket). They have to complete questions, give information, etc. and one of the questions is if they have an image or screenshot to share to upload it to the form (using the upload file option on MS Forms).


Well, this is where I am stuck. I do not care if the upload is attached to the email or just a link to view it. What I am running into issues with is when there is nothing attached, it errors out. I have tried various conditions, and nothing seems to work.


Essentially, what I am trying to do is as follows:


Completed form + attachment = emails out

Completed form + no attachment = emails out


Any guidance or help would be appreciated... Like I said, I can get everything to work perfectly IF there is an something uploaded, where it errors out is when there is nothing uploaded.


Thank you in advance!

Helper I
Helper I

Oh my, how did I not think of that... Thank you!


However, I am still having and issue when there is an upload. It fails on the Yes condition. There are files uploaded, however its saying that it cannot be null or empty, when obviously that is not the case. I did upload 3 files (2 jpg, and 1 pdf)



Pictures of my entire flow:













So right now, its stuck on the yes condition, saying there is nothing uploaded, when in fact there is. The send email is reporting that "Parameter 'Attachment Content' cannot be null or empty. clientRequestId: bac4a595-9f8f-412b-b6d2-33374012e713"

Hey @h4X6 


Please review the video tutorial below- 


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From the run where it errors out can you show me what one of the append to variable results looks like?

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Is this what you mean?




Or this is the output from the error:




I followed this to a T, exactly the same... and no matter what, the attachment is corrupt.


I attach a PDF or jpg, doesn't matter. It flows fine, and emails fine. But the attachments in the email are corrupted, and cannot be opened. Ever single one of them

Helper I
Helper I

Oh sweetness..... I got it working. Looks like I had some extra " " in the Append to aray variable.


Both uploads and no-uploads are working now.


Thank you all for your help with this, I cannot express my appreciation enough!

Hello @h4X6 


Wohoo.. I am glad that the problem is resolved.


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