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How To Capture Multiple Approvals And Separate Them Into Specific SharePoint Columns

I am currently creating an Approval Flow which has 13 different approvers (all must approve).


Each of these approvers has a specific job title (Manager A, Manager B, Manager C and so on...). 


I have one column set-up in SharePoint to capture the response of each approver named with their job title (13 columns total named "Manager A Response", "Manager B Response", "Manager C Response" and so on...)


What I need to do is capture all the approval responses (Approve/Reject) and comments and then write them back to the SharePoint list into their proper column. In other words, the approval of "Manager A" has to go into the "Manager A" column in SharePoint. 


I know that I could take 4 hours and just grind-out 13 separate approval branches but I'm wondering if there is an easy way to do this. What I'd like to do is put all 13 approver Email into one approval and then sort them into their proper SharePoint column after they complete their approvals. 


Any ideas?


Thank you. 



Hey there.  There are probably a ton of ways to approach this, but the first one that comes to my mind is a separate flow that has a CDS trigger.

All of your approvals are stored in the Common Data Service and tracked with a few entities:  Approvals, Approval Requests, and Approval Responses.

If your intent is to capture all of the responses, then I would build a flow with a CDS Trigger "When a record is created" and look at the Approval Responses entity.  That will have the beginnings of the information you need (everything stored will be unique ID's rather than display names, but you can use other actions to pretty that up before writing to your SP List).


Is the intent of the SP list to report on approvals?  Qty, duration, etc?  If so, you might be able to just report directly off of those CDS entities.  Depends on the intent of the flow, right?


Either way, keep us posted.




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We do not use the CDS at my company - License are too expensive (so "they" say). 


Any other ideas are appreciated. 

New Member

hello, could we continue this inquiry? @CP153319  could you share the another "4 hours" way to do that? cause i new on this field and has same case ( although not until 13 approver)

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