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How To Instant Workflow: Creating Approval Email including Quote PDF to Manager?

Hi Flow Community,


First of all, quite new to Microsoft Flow! Have searched the interwebs and unfortunately I need your help to kickstart this flow.


I would like to make a:

* Instant - Workflow in Microsoft Flow

* That when triggered, creates an e-mail with a quote attached as PDF (without using Sharepoint, just as Dynamics 365 record) and sends this to the manager waiting for approval. If approved, update CRM, if rejected update CRM. 

* If approved by manager, the quote should be send to related account for customer approval.


Does anybody have experience building a flow like this or help me out on the right track!


Kind regards,



Super User
Super User

Re: How To Instant Workflow: Creating Approval Email including Quote PDF to Manager?


Hi there, welcome!  So, I'm wondering if you've already considered keeping this within D365?  The pdf thing might be the only hangup, but it feels like all of this is out-of-the-box D365 workflow stuff, no?  I found this link which might help.


Continuing down the Flow path: 

When you say "Instant trigger", what action from within D365 will trigger the Flow?

You will need a place to 'store' the pdf, so if SharePoint is out, we may need to look at OneDrive or something like that.


Keeping this within D365 existing processes will help the other parts of that stuff work well, too...but I understand sometimes we need to step outside of that.  Just need to understand the scope a bit more.


Keep us posted.




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Re: How To Instant Workflow: Creating Approval Email including Quote PDF to Manager?

@edgonzales thank you so much for replying. Unfortunately I was unable to open the link.


So far I've made three fields 

* Send Approval to Manager (Boolean)

* Approval Send On (DateTime)

*Approval State Manager (Option Set)


Using the switch field should I suppose trigger the flow. If not using Sharepoint or Onedrive. Can we attach the template to the timeline or another entity within D365? 


If you have another link explaining the steps would be great. Thanks in advance for your help! 

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Super User

Re: How To Instant Workflow: Creating Approval Email including Quote PDF to Manager?

I may be totally off on this, but I'm pretty certain all of the files in D365 are stored 'somewhere'...meaning, the actual content resides on a SharePoint 'server' or someplace and the information inside D365 is merely a 'pointer' to that location.  It may do this transparently...meaning, the user wouldn't immediately know it was SharePoint, but I'm pretty sure that's what is happening 'behind the curtain'.


I tried printing the page to a pdf to post here, but it looks like I can't do attachments, but if you search for "D365 Approvals" online, that should get you pretty close.  Are you wanting to print to pdf to control edits? Or is the manager maybe not in D365?  Just asking around the question for possible alternative solutions.


Keep us posted.


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