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How can I update only 1 property in a SharePoint List?

I am trying to update the value of a specific column in a list item in a SharePoint 365 List via Microsoft Flow.


I have found and used the SharePoint - Update File Properties action, but that requires that I put in a value for every single column in the list item! How can I update just a single column of my list item? Or does this feature not exist for some reason in Flow?


Hi Scott,

In update item for Required fields, if we try to set value using Dynamic Properties, there is no option to pickup current value from List. e.g. see below scenario to understand my problem.

List A have 4 fields as Required fields. MS Flow is actived when new entry is added in Flow. Then flow sends an approval request, where i call update item to update approval comments in same list. At this stage in update item i have to set values for Required fields using Dynamic Properties. However is there a possibility to get latest values from List itself while setting these values? Problem is when entry is added in List and if its modified before approval, then during approval i can't see option to pickup those modified values. See below SS



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What about using HTTP request?

This allow you update just one field: 







A simple solution might be to use a Get Item action before the Update and use the values from the Get Item for the required columns.

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Possible Solution?

  1. Create a Custom View in your SharePoint List, making only the fields you are interested in visible
  2. Choose that Custom View in the SharePoint action "Get item" -> "Advanced Options" -> "Limit Columns by View"
  3. Choose that "Get item"'s ID in the SharePoint action "Update item"


Edit: Nevermind. This doesn't appear to work due to a broken "Limit Columns by View" function - forums indicate this is not working as intended.

I have the same exact isssue. Selecting the value from dynamic content is replacing the updated values.

What we are doing is a workaround. Need something similar to SharePoint Designer. In a workflow, I need to change status before assigning a new task. I need to keep setting all the values to blank. Thats an overhead and increased efforts.


I expect product to provide all and exact capabilities provided by SharePoint Designer before requesting us to call it as successor. 

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Hi Mabel, Using your method to "Update Item", I received warning messages:

"Actions in this flow may result in an infinite trigger loop. Please ensure you add appropriate conditional checks to prevent this flow from triggering itself." 

Even I control from the top-level that the editor is not equal to My Name.

Is there any way to avoid those warning messages?





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