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How do I send a reminder with Sharepoint List and Modified Time

I need a flow that can send an email out to the assigned individual on a SharePoint list, reminding them every 2 weeks to update their item if they haven't done so in a week. 


Here is the screenshot below of what I've built, but I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. Hope you can help, thank you!!



Screen Shot 2021-05-14 at 10.22.49 AM.png

Super User
Super User


You'll want to use a filter query on your Get items action.  I can provide an example but I don't quite understand your requirement.  Do you want an email to go out if the item hasn't been updated in a week or 2 weeks?



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Community Champion
Community Champion

  1. you don't need GetList Action. You can remove it.
  2. Use Subtract from time using utcnow() function days to arrive at time which is 1 week back. Example, I subtracted 5 days.
  3. Then use that date as a filter within GetItems to filter all items that were not modified in last week. Use that collection to iterate and send email.



Finally, Create a column in the list to store Reminder Sent Date and Update the date to todays date after you send email. Then add a condition just before SendEmail to check if Difference between todays date and EmailSend date is > 14 days. If yes, send email else not.



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