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How do i send an email containing only the fields which change in a SP list



I have a Sharepoint list, which i am running a flow on. I want to create a flow that when X field or Fields have changed email X person. 

I only know how to create a flow that will send an email of a list of X things that have changed to the person and not only send email with the changes. 


To give a bigger background. This list may have multiple changes on and off per week and only some particular fields are in interest when it comes to sending an email. Now rather than sending an email that contains the text value of all the interested fields in an email (since there may not be a change in that value therefore return blank) i want it to send an email when the field is updated and only the updated field. So say  i have 10 interested field but only 4 change i want to send an email to x person with a notification stating these 4 fields have changed and what the value is 

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

When using the "When an item is modified" trigger you can check to see if a specific field was changed since the last version.  This  blog post explains how to run a flow when a specific field is modified.  Depending on how many fields you need to monitor this may work.

Run a flow when a SharePoint column is modified | Power Automate Blog (

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