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How does the dynamic content work?



I was trying to follow this video:


In one of the steps, I have to reference the file content:



However, in my case, no file content is available. Although, my first step is the power app as well. Shouldn't it be available then? Otherwise, what's it based on(the choice of different dynamic content). 


power automate.PNG

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

In the video there is a step where Shane adds the AskInPowerApps dynamic content to the file content field.  That creates the parameter that you put the file content in when you invoke the Flow from Power Apps.  I suspect you are confused because after he creates the parameter he then changes that field to be a base64toBinary() function with the parameter inside.  But the parameter needs to be created first.  Take a look in the video at around 15:20-15:25

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Community Champion
Community Champion

@TomaszCPL  you need to click on the File content input box, which will open Dynamic Content, then click on Ask in PowerApps, which will shown CreateFile_FileContent for you in Dynamic Content (the same is shown in video, see at 15:23 mins in same video


Anna Jhaveri

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