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How to accept "null" values from Microsoft Form in a Flow



I have a problem creating a flow between Microsoft Forms and SharePoint. Every time a person submits an answer in the form, I want the answers to be saved in SharePoint, but some of the answers are not obliged to be answered. If a person does not put a number in the answers/questions, the flow will not go through...

It works well if they plot an answer to every question. 


My current flow looks like this. 

Skjermbilde 2021-01-26 kl. 13.50.09.png

I have tried to find some answers in other similar questions on this forum, but nothing has worked yet.

The last thing I have tried is to enter if-functions for the questions that can be "null". 


if(empty(output_theAnswerFromForm), null, output_theAnswerFromForm) - I have tried with both null and "". 


Skjermbilde 2021-01-26 kl. 13.52.00.png


But another problem I have is with the if-functions. Some of them are just empty after I save ...


My goal is to change the "null" values to 0, if the flow cannot accept empty inputs. 


I really appreciate if anyone can help me 🙂


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I think that expression should work. It works for me. Please see below my flow. If the response is empty, I am saving 0 to SharePoint List else the actual data.





My expression is as below...

if(empty(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/rbf4dd1ae786548b882a92abca76b41db']), '0',outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/rbf4dd1ae786548b882a92abca76b41db'])


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@PrasadAthalye , thank you for reply!


But now I encounter another problem when I try to insert that expression from your solution in every 12 different variables.

After I have entered the expression from you and tried to test it, the test will not go through, and when I check, only some of them are filled in correctly while the others are empty or defective...

It seems like only the first expression is not changing 😕


You can see an example in the photo below. From the red arrow downwards everyone is empty, only the first one is correct.

Skjermbilde 2021-01-27 kl. 10.07.04.png


Do you know why this is happening? 

Thank you for any help!


Hi @Anonymous 


You will have to build the expression for every mapping yourself. Please do not use my expression. For each of the mapping, please follow these steps..,


  • Click in the mapping box within action.
  • Click Expression and type if(empty(
  • Then click back dynamic content and select the question you would like to check.
  • Go back to expression and this time add a comma and then the value you want if the question is empty. I used 0. Then input comma again.
  • Then again go back to Dynamic content and pick the same question again for the else part.
  • Finally, close the bracket. 

This way you will have to build every mapping. If in case you would like to reuse the same question, again and again, I recommend you to create a variable, add this expression to that variable, and then use Variable in the mapping. 


Let me know how it goes.

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Hi @PrasadAthalye,


I was just following your example. I did not post exactly as you wrote, I used the correct input for each of them. As I mentioned earlier, only the first one stays, while the other 11 are just empty ... I have tried to re-enter 4 times and even tried to create a new flow, with little success.


I don't understand why this is happening...(?) 


Thank you for helping me! 

That is strange. Sometimes the expression is not saved and we have to try again. 


Which timezone are you in? May be we can join a quick webex.

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Hi @PrasadAthalye , 


Sorry for the late response!

I have tried to find a solution to the problem, but I do not seem to find any...

I'm in the time zone GMT/UTC+1.

I really appreciate if you have time, but not stress, I have found another "solution" with Microsoft Forms that helps a bit.

Can you please try 1 thing for me? Can you try a different browser like IE Edge OR Firefox and see if you are able to save the expressions?

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