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Helper I
Helper I

How to build a flow that will only trigger when 10 days has been reached, excluding weekends

Hello Powerautomate gurus,


Myself and a colleague are currently trying to build a flow in power automate.


It's a chaser e-mail, and the idea is that once the 'Info requested' field is 10 days old, and the 'Info returned' field is null, it will send an e-mail template containing dynamic data to the primary contact.


Initially the spec was just 10 calendar days, but they are now asking for 10 working days.


We're trying to initialize variables for the day count, and then use a Do loop, to get this up to 10, but currently we can't quite get it functioning as we need.

The crux of it is that the values for Saturday and Sunday are 0  & 6, so if a day comes up with that value it is not counted.

If it is, then it increments the variable, until it reaches 10.

And also we haven't even begun to tackle the issue of bank holidays at all.


Is there any method people on here have used with success, as I suspect this must be a fairly common requirement?


Thanks in advance



Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Hey @Dan_B 

unfortunately, we don't have a trigger for this yet (as far as I know), but I once had a similar question and wrote a short Blog article about how to calculate and exclude weekends: Power Automate - Add Business Days to Date (Excludes Weekends) | CLOUD KUMPEL


So, you would need to run the flow every day, calculate the days without the weekends as in the article and then use a condition.


Does this help you? Otherwise please give me some more information.

Best regards

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Blog: Cloudkumpel

Helper I
Helper I

Thankyou @MarvinBangert, I will have a look at that over the next day or so, but it looks like it might well be exactly what we need 🙂


I will feedback in due course 👍

Community Champion
Community Champion

@MarvinBangert & @Dan_B 


And if you’re doing this with a lot of records, you could put that formula in the left side of a Filter Array conditional with item()?[‘DateColumn’]. And set that conditional to greater than 9.


That way it’s much faster & more efficient.

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