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How to convert multiple choice answers from Form into bullets in Email via Flow

Hi there,


I am trying to create a flow that sends an automatic confirmation email to the e-mail address given on a Form. 

And in this email I want to confirm the options they have selected answering a multiple choice question in the Form.

Right now it sums up the multiple choice answers in one line, like this: ["Optie 1","Optie 2","Optie 4"]
But I need them to be summarized underneath eachother with, preferably bullit style.

I already did some research and found a suggestion to seperate the answers with Parse JSON, but then it just sends out separate emails per answer, not what I need. 

Also tried to add step to first create HTML table, but I am not able to get this to work.


Hope someone can help me with this.


When this works I would also like to add to my flow an automatic outlook calendar invite for the chosen options.




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This is what I have so far.





I have multiple choices- Cough, Fever and Respiratory Distress


You need multiple compose actions to store each result in separate compose action.

1. In first compose i am putting dynamic column name from MS Form.

2. Follow rest of the steps-

Annotation 2020-07-06 221147.jpg


Annotation 2020-07-06 221143.jpg




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Hi Hardesh,

Thank you so much for helping me out.

I followed all the steps you suggested but it is not working for me yet.


This is a screenshot of the flow run failing at Compose 3. What I can see that is different from yours is that at my compose 2 the ] is still at the end.Screenshot_failed run_opstellen3.png


Here is what I did in the flow:

Screenshot_flow with opstellen3 not working.png


Any idea what I am doing wrong?


And also what should I do when I have more than 3 options in my multiple choice? (I actually have 9).


Looking forward to your response!






you need following expressions-


first(split(split(outputs('Compose'),'[')[1],']')) --> Used in Compose 2
split(split(outputs('Compose_2'),',')[0],'"')[1] ----> Used in compose 3.
When you use point 2 expression it will give you first selected choice.
Change the number mark in red from 0 to 8, this will give you each choices in separate compose.



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Hi, I tested this and it only works when all multiple choice options are selected. 

How do I get it to work when only some are selected?


Screenshot_failed flow.png


Thanks again for your help!




For this kind of situation you need to redesign your flow. Idea is- Suppose we have 3 multiple choices in forms and User selected only 2. When we check items in array it will give out of bound array because there is no 3rd item in array. To overcome this restriction- i appended dummy elements in array. In my example i have appended dummy element 1 in array. and later i used condition block to check if Variable value is 1 or not. if it is not 1 then get clean choice in compose action.


You need to append as many elements based on your number of choices. Suppose you have 5 choice then you need to append 5 elements in array. This way when user select 2 choices then array have [choice1, choice2, 1,1,1] and When you compare in condition only choice1 and choice 2 will be filtered. Later you can use all in Email.




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