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How to copy multiselect field values and paste as a concatenated string text field in single SP List



I have a SP list (well, a doc library) with 3 metadata columns, all of which are multiselect dropdown fields - one is actually a multiselect person field.  I'd like to run a flow (say, once a day) that grabs the values from each of those 3 columns and pastes those values into 3 separate single line text columns.

For those that wonder why - I need these field values to appear on a document template for the doc library and Word's Quick Parts feature does not support multiple-value fields.

I know that I will need a recurrence, get file (properties only), and update file (properties) action to achieve the desired workflow, but I'm struggling with the converting of multiselect field values to a single text string.

Here's my current recipe - it's very close to working, however, notice the flow is only grabbing the last state instead of all selected states.  What do I have to tweak to get this to grab all the values rather than just the last one?

Thanks in advance,

- Kurt


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@Anonymous - I reposted my question in a simpler way and also just came up with the solution; go here to see:


- Kurt

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Kurt, I have something similar where I need to display checkbox values from a choice column. Checkboxes, therefore multiple can be selected has been givin me grief.Tried join from the expressions but it returns the json for that column.


Although I believe there has to be a better way, I couldn't find one and this is what I was able to get working:

  1. Create string variable
  2. Create Apply to Each
    1. Output from previous step equal to your multi-select column
    2. Create a condition
      1. Eval Current Item value is not equal to "" (empty string)
      2. If Yes
        1. Append to string - column from dynamic content
        2. Append to string - ", " (comma then space)
      3. If No - do nothing

I am now at the point of trying to figure out how to remove the comma from the end of the string created.

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Found and example of how to remove the last comma.



Thanks @Anonymous - I haven't tried your solution yet, but I have edited my post to include my current iteration.  It seems like a combination of Compose and Join should accomplish the needed task - it's almost working for me...I can't figure out what to tweak.

So I tried your recipe and at first I thought it worked, but I'm getting a wonky result for the 2nd record in the doc library.  Note the State field and View Only - State field match for the first row but not the second.




@Anonymous - I reposted my question in a simpler way and also just came up with the solution; go here to see:


- Kurt

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it didnt work for me: here what i have, i want to copy application :admin and past it to admin email 1 (text).

apfter append, it uptated @kbarber . help pls



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