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How to create a Planner flow that can send notifications to assignees AFTER task has been created?

I'm ultimately trying to get a Planner flow (or multiple flows) that can 1) notify someone when they've been assigned a task, 2) notify the assignee(s) that a task is due within the next day or so, and 3) notify each day it's behind schedule.  I want the notifications to be an email and an @ mention in a Teams post.  


I'm new to Power Automate, but I think I found solutions for how to send an email to assigned people, and the time based one for tasks due soon, but haven't tested them because of the issue I ran into with my current flow.  I managed to create a flow that sends the @ mention and associated message to Teams when a task is created and someone is assigned, but if no one is assigned at creation the flow breaks and won't send ANY message to Teams.  Most of the time if we're putting tasks in the backlog, we don't have them assigned, so this is a deal breaker.  I want to be able to have these various flows trigger when someone is assigned, regardless if it's at creation or later.  I realize there's no direct trigger for this action (which is absurd), but has anyone found a workaround, maybe using Power Apps instead?  Planner absolutely has this trigger built in because it automatically sends emails to my 365 group anytime there's a comment, which includes assigning a task.  I want to get away from having everyone subscribed to group emails going to their inbox because it's way too much clutter, and instead have targeted emails.  I also want to utilize the Teams mention functionality, but my organization has chat bots disabled, so the out of the box notifications to Teams doesn't work.


Any help is appreciated.  Please note that my organization has blocked my ability to sign into this forum from my work PC (I can still view), so unfortunately I can't provide screenshots of my current flow, which again, works just fine if I assign someone at creation.

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It would be great to get an answer to this. I'd like to know too!

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