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How to create remainders in MS Flow?



I have a Flow that listen for new items added to a list and pick the data of this item and copy them to a second list. 

Well, when this new item has been in the second list for ten minutes without been opened or readed  I need that Flow send a remainder to a specific user so he nows that there is a new item in the second list.


I have tried to apply this steps: but is not working. 

I made this change to the sample: 

Instead of using days I am using minutes:


the idea here is wait 10 minutes before the flow goes to the next step which is get the column that contains the date and filter it using: Filter query:  ColumName eq datetime "Output": 


But when I run the flow I get this error: 


The "anmalningsdatum"-column is of type Date without time. 

The entire O365 and SahrePoint are in swedish timezone 

What I am doing wrong?

Best regards


Helper IV
Helper IV

Hi @SpDev


did you check this article in the following

Thanks for the link.


I had read the link and tried to apply it in the flow but still not working. I have tried all day with no luck. 

This is how it looks now: 




And this is the error message: 

  "status": 400,
  "message": "The expression \"Anmalansdatum eq 2018-09-24T19:20:01Z\" is not valid.\r\nclientRequestId: 508f8174-a60e-443e-966b-18393f08b43d\r\nserviceRequestId: e7f2919e-e054-6000-1d6d-d083d93122ca"

I have updated the columns and site collection to use english language and time format but it seems not helping.


What is wrong? or what I am doing wrong?


Best regards


Hi @SpDev,


If your "anmalningsdatum"column is of type Date without time, the value of "anmalningsdatum"column would be with type "yyyy-MM-dd", so it is not possible to filter out any items if your compare the "yyyy-MM-dd" with "yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ssZ".


Please take a try to modify the "anmalningsdatum"column is of type Date with time.


Also please take care of the expression in the Filter Array field:



You should add a ' 'out of the Output dynamic content instead of " ".


Best regards,


Thanks Alice!


I have created a brand new list with just two columns, one of them of type date with time and I recreated the flow following your instructions but I still getting the same error 😞 





I have found a workaround that it seems to work. 

Instead of using a filter query like this: 


I am using "Get future time" and then filter the list items by this future time. And its work almost perfect.

The only problem is that if I have 2 or more items in the list I am getting just one email. It seems like as soon the flow find the first item in the list, send an email and skip the other items. 


I haven't made any change in the "Apply to each" section, so I don't know why is skipping the other items. 




Well, I was testing the workaround for a couple of hours and it didn't worked. 


So I am back to the original flow and I checked which format the dates has.

The column date is in this format:



and the output of the compose step is like this


the problem is in the filter query. When I use it like this:

Cloumn eq datetime'output'

i get this error: 



I get nothing.  Is like if the flow can't find any item matching the query filter.




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hello americo


hope you are well i am trying to do the same thing..did you find a solution for it?


I look forward to..


Many thanks

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