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How to get value of array from a JSON Object(Docusign)



I am trying to get a value of a custom label on a docusign json object but i can't seem to make it work. I tried using applied to each as posted in other solutions for arrays but the arrays have different setup than a docusing one. 


Can any one please help or point me in the right directon?


Below is the result of the object, i am trying to get the value in Red, i.e. when TabLabel is "Suite" then get "TabValue"


"@xmlns$xsd": "",
"@xmlns$xsi": "",
"@xmlns": "",
"EnvelopeStatus": {
"RecipientStatuses": {
"RecipientStatus": [
"Type": "Signer",
"Email": "",
"UserName": "Test Test",
"RoutingOrder": "1",
"Sent": "2018-10-20T11:58:26.23",
"Delivered": "2018-10-20T11:58:38.123",
"Signed": "2018-10-20T11:59:07.467",
"DeclineReason": {
"@xsi$nil": "true"
"Status": "Completed",
"RecipientIPAddress": "",
"CustomFields": null,
"TabStatuses": {
"TabStatus": [
"TabType": "SignerAttachmentOptional",
"Status": "Active",
"XPosition": "1554",
"YPosition": "631",
"TabLabel": "Att7",
"TabName": null,
"TabValue": null,
"DocumentID": "1",
"PageNumber": "2"
"TabType": "Custom",
"Status": "Signed",
"XPosition": "788",
"YPosition": "246",
"TabLabel": "Suite",
"TabName": "Enter Suite No.",
"TabValue": "125",
"DocumentID": "1",
"PageNumber": "1",
"ValidationPattern": null,
"CustomTabType": "Number"



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Not sure if this made it to the board...

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This was posted two years ago but was wondering if you ever figured out how to do this?  Thanks!

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