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Kudo Kingpin
Kudo Kingpin

How to identify the ID for the Update Calendar Event (SharePoint / O365 Outlook)

My first flow creates a calendar event when a new SharePoint list is created.  I'm creating the next flow which should be triggered when the SP item is modified.  The Update Calendar Event requires an ID, how do I get the ID from an existing event?


Also, I'm assuming the both ID fields are identical since whenever i select one or the other both dynamic contents appear at the same time. One is required, the other isnt  and both have different descriptions.





Thank you



Community Support
Community Support

Hi Tamras,


Instead of using the "O365-Update event(V1)", I suggest that you could try to use the "O365-Update event(V2)" action, which does not have 2 "id" fields.




About the id field, it is actually the event id of this event.




See detailed explaination here:




Community Support Team _ Mona Li
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Hello @Tamras


I've done a similar thing and I can say that I haven't found a simple solution. What I've done:


  1. Created in the SP List a field (say IDCal) where store the calendar ID: the field is a simple text field (255 characters are sufficient)
  2. At the end of the new item flow, create an "update item" action where you can store the calendar ID (is the ID field present in the "Create Event" action) in the SP field previously created

Now start the "not so simple" solution: if you implement a similar solution like I suggested, when you create an edit flow (so with a trigger, not an action) you have a problem that this starts every time you fire a new item event, so if you have particulat actions on the edit flow those are excuted..and you don't want this; I resolved with this workaround:


  1. I created 2 hidden fields in the SP List that stores the original DateFrom and DateTo
  2. In the new item flow, when you use the item update action to store the IDCal, I save the actual dates in hidden fields created previoulsy
  3. In the edit flow, use the condition to compare the dates: if the actual dates are equal to those stored in the hidden fields, you have only used the action to update the item so I left the flow
  4. If the dates are different, you have started an update trigger, so and edit flow, so I don't go away, but I execute all the actions related to the update flow
  5. To compare the dates, I use to do the sum of the dates, so if it is 0 there is an "update action", otherwise you activated an edit flow (triggered)
  6. The formula I use is =SUM(DateFrom,DateTo) or =SUM(DateFromOriginal,DateToOriginal), the field is a calculated field with number as output and decimal set to "Automatic"

I haven't found a better solution, if another people have a simple one I'm opened to a suggestion.





Marco Mangiante

Hello @v-monli-msft


I've seen last week that there is a new event creation, but after one day it disappeared: it is now "Create event v2"?


What I'd like to see in that type of action is something similar to an "appointment" where you can set that I can not send an invitation when I create the event: so, for example, I create an event on a people calendar but without the user interaction, so no mail to accept the event.






Marco Mangiante

@mmangiante Thank you.  I'm trying it now. This is the ID being generated:



Looks about right?





@v-monli-msft - I dont see that in the list of options. I only have one:

Only one Update Event optionOnly one Update Event option




Hello @Tamras


I have a similar one: 




and it is unique; yours is right: with this I updated my event.





Marco Mangiante





Hello @Tamras @v-monli-msft


I have the new one:


flow new create event.png


I noticed it now, last week I used the event and only one day I've seen a new type of event (even if it is not called v2) that disappeared the day after.





Marco Mangiante

Oops, i run into another issue, how do you create a calendar event for another person? For example, if I am completing the form on behalf of another person, I want that person's calendar to be updated with the new event rather than mine?  Thanks.

Hello @Tamras


this is the great problem of Microsoft Flow, in my opinion, at this time. It is not so simple to do a more general action because for its nature is bound to credential.


You have 2 options: one, certainly, is the simple one but it is not "usable" because it is the "collection" of user credential; on the home page, go to the Tools menu (the gear near your user) and select Connection: from there, click the "+" sign of "Office 365 Outook"; the drawback of this solution is that everyone must come to you to insert their credential.


The second option is a workaround but I don't if it works and is good for your flow: I use a "service" account, that is simply an Office 365 shared mailbox and sign in the create (or update) event with that account; I choose as "Calendar id" the default calendar (or even other calendar for that account) and fill the "Attendees Address" with the address of the people that you want the calendar is filled: the event is created (or updated) on the default "Attendees Address" calendar.


Hope this can help. Sincerely, I tried to find a better solution (maybe with some permission on the calendar is possible to do so but I tried with no luck) but until this time I haven't found nothing.


Let me know if I can help maybe with a screenshot.






Hi @mmangiante, Thank you.  The event still need to be entered in the person's outlook calendar -- to block their calendar when scheduling a meeting invite. I tried adding the attendee's name and address in my current flow, but it still requires them to 'accept' the invite -- which will not block the event.  I'll try your 2nd option.  Thank you 🙂

Hi @Tamras


yes this is a little problem of calendar event; I suggested in a previous reply to @v-monli-msft to create an appointment action (or similar): if I remember well with the appointment you can specify if the attendee may receive the invitation or if it is, say this, accepted as defualt.





Marco Mangiante

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Faced the same scenario and what i did was used a service account to execute the Get Calendars & Create/Update event, the only thing is that you have to have delegate rights in order to do these actions on someones calendar. So you can run this PowerShell command in order to gain these rights, you will only need to accept it in your service account (for each calendar you give access to) and thats it, with the Get Calendars action you can get the Calendar Id's and perform what you want to.


PS command is: Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity\CalendarName -User -AccessRights Editor -SendNotificationToUser $true


Good luck all !

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