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How to lookup information in another SharePoint List and save the output in a variable?

Hello everyone,
In my scenario I have a list called "Tickets". This is the basic list and a Flow runs each time, when a item is created.

While creating a ticket/item the user types in the serial number.

Based on the serial number the Flow shall lookup addional information like customer and customer number based on the list "MachineFiles".

If I just want to update the item after I found the correct entry, everything works fine:
2018-12-02 16_33_06-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png



Due to different switches in my Flow I want to modify my flow.
I want to collect all relvant information and store them in variables first.

At the end of my Flow I want to update the item once instead of several times.


Based on the serial number, how is it possible to lookup additional information in a second list, store them in variables and set them at the end of the Flow.

Unfortunately, my modified approach do not update anything:

2018-12-02 16_36_39-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png


2018-12-02 16_32_11-Edit your flow _ Microsoft Flow.png


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Super User III



I don't see anything obviously wrong with your Flow from the information that you have provided.  

Have you checked the run history and looked at where the variables are being set and where the variables are being used?  Do they refelect the values that you expect?

Are you receiving any erroes?

Can you tell me more about the EmptyString variable?

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Hi Scott,

Thanks for your reply.

Due to your post I checked the history and in a copy of my flow I tried to reduce the complexity of my flow.

Finally I did a basic test. I created the following flow in order to check the update behaviour:

2018-12-08 15_06_09-Window.png

The idea behind above flow is the same like in my "complex" scenario. When an item is created, the flow adds additional metainformation to the new created item.

After doing some further research I found out that I created an infinite loop flow.

I do not create flows day by day, but I think that the behaviour is different compared to Nintex Workflows or to former SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio Workflows. Is there an explanation why MS changed the update behaviour?

In a next step I will extract some business logic from the flow and I will implement it in the related PowerApps Form.




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