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How to make my flow show the right time zone in my Outlook Calendar

Hi all,


I was creating a flow to update event based on my MS form responses. The flow retrieves the training date and time picked by the person who submitted the form and update it in calendar accordingly. Everything works fine but there is only one issue...


After receiving a response, the flow automatically converts my time for that event into UTC time zone. Although I can manually convert the time back to my time zone in my mind but it is very confusing, especially for my trainees. For example:

  1. I created a training session with timing 2:30pm to 5:30pm UTC+8 on my outlook
  2. After someone submitted a form to join the above session, the flow updates this person's email into the required attendees row AND update the training time to "6:30am to 9:30am UTC+0".

The timing it is still correct after converting to UTC+8 but is there any method for it to show my desired time zone, instead of having to go through the trouble of manually converting the time zone?

Attached below are some screenshots of my flow:






Here are the outputs:

Output of Get event (V3) with time converted to UTC+0Output of Get event (V3) with time converted to UTC+0 



Time zone showing UTCTime zone showing UTC



With inputs from previous Get Event, the output of Update event becomes UTC+0 as wellWith inputs from previous Get Event, the output of Update event becomes UTC+0 as well


Does anyone possibly know the reason behind this issue and solution to this?




Regular Visitor

Hey Blqnk,


You could accomplish this a few ways.

Simplest would be to add a "Convert Time Zone" Step and adjust the time zone. Use the result for your email.


Or you could use the Function: Converttimezone / ConvertFromUtc

- convertFromUtc(outputs('UTC_Date'),'India Standard Time','g')

- convertTimeZone(outputs('IST'),'India Standard Time','Pacific Standard Time','g')




Converting time zone in Power Automate - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs



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Hi CJTye,


Thanks for the suggestion. May I know where should I add the convert time zone step?


I tried adding it between Get event and Update event but it didn't work:


Or maybe it is in the right place but the input to this "Convert Time Zone" is not valid?


Any idea how can I fix this?




Hi @CJTye 

You can do one thing initialize timezone in starting of the flow and use in respective actions as needed.

for ex in get event you're using time

formatDateTime(convertFromUtc(Utcnow(),'Pacific Standard Time','g'))

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