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How to move file to specific folder where file and folder contain specific text (Staff Initials)

I am a complete newbie to Power automate and I am hoping this is possible. I am in desperate need of getting my files organised as taking over as manager soon and would like to have some systems in place ready.


I am wanting to organise staff files, so If I save a document containing staff initials (e.g. SK) I would like it to automatically move to the Staff Folder named the specific intials (e.g. SK)


So if I save a file SK New Starter checklist.jpeg it would automatically move it to the folder named "SK"


We have about 25-30 Staff members, do I have to set up a new flow for each set of initials or can I just set it so any 2-3 letters in caps is recognised if it has a folder matching those letters?


I hope that makes sense, Thanks in advance for your help

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I forgot to add the files are all saved in Onedrive 

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Super User

You can set it on one flow, which I'll get to in a second ... but might I suggest a non-folder based suggestion for your incoming files?


First of all, I'd suggest using your own library inside a relevant SharePoint group, this will much more easily allow you to assign permissions for others to access it programatically in the future. You can keep general staff out, for example, but allow your seniors, or relevant staff, to have access where needed.


Even if you don't, a specific library for the files would be a good idea.


Why a library? Well, because you can add "metadata" columns to the library that allow you to better define what any file within it is all about. For example, like any SharePoint list, you can create a 'People' column, which you could then assign ... yep ... the person whose file it is.


Once you have that people column, then you can easily organise, find, etc, all files that have that particular user in the People column that you've created. Plus, if you still want to have folders, you still can! You can even assign a 'People' value to the folder, but also everything within.


ANYWAY ... to directly answer your question, yes, it's relatively easy. I'll edit in images, and anything else needed, but essentially

  1. Make the flow trigger a new sharepoint/onedrive file
  2. Make two parallel branches:
    1. One Side:
      1. get files in that folder or library
      2. filter either by ODATA (on ContentType eq 'Folder') or a Filter action on IsFolder equal to true
    2. Second side:
      1. Use a split() on space in the filename of the created file.
      2. Either use first() or [0] to get those first two letters.
  3. Run a filter action the list of folders from the first side, filtering by folder name and if that equals the letters you got from the filename
  4. Condition on the number of responses in that filter is greater than 0
    1. if true/yes take the first item from the filter and place the file in that folder
    2. if false/no, make the folder and place it in there.


That looks complicated as a list of stuff to do, though technically it's just 4 steps, but when I plot it out you'll get it. 🙂

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