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How to notify by email only when a specific response for a Microsoft Form is chosen



I am aware there is a feature within Power Automate that allows me to set up a flow that notifies someone via email when a new response to a Microsoft Form is received. I was wondering if there is a way to modify that feature so that only a specific answer to a multiple choice question notifies a specific person? For example:



If someone was filling out this form, I would want it so that if for Question 1, if they picked Me, only I would get a notification, but if they picked Hai, then only my boss Hai would receive the notification via email instead. Would this be possible? I am brand new to Power Automate so if it is, I would appreciate if someone can explain it to me.


Thank you.

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Hi there, 

Yes, this is possible - here's how.

I've created a form to use as an example:



(You could also dynamically choose the user based on the choice, but, we'll do the simple "this person or this person" right now.) 

Step 1 - When a new response is submitted... and select your form ID:




Step 2 - Get response details. When I first started using Power Automate, this didn't make much sense to me - but, we need to get the details from the form, we don't  just have them. Luckily, the Response ID comes in with the initial "When a new response is submitted" so we can use that from the Dynamic Content.  



Step 3 - Initialize a string variable where we can hold the email.



Step 4 - A condition. "Is the field "Who is this for?" equal to Rhia? If yes, make variable rhia's email. If not, make

it Not Rhia's email.




Step 5 - Create an email body outside of the condition and write your email, then use the variable in your email "To".





This is only for two, thus the condition. If you want to have those names be multiple people, 3 or more, then you'd probably want to write their names just as you have them in Azure AD, then get their user profile. That's a tad different.



Thank you so much for the quick reply!


I realize now I should have maybe explained what I actually need a bit better since my test form was just a very basic thing to do.


This is for a work request form. My idea was to automate it so depending on what category the user selects as the category their request fits into, it notifies the department leader responsible. So ideally I would like to make it work with around 5-6 categories.


Would that be much more complicated? My office is just barely transitioning to using Microsoft software, so I am not quite familiar with Azure yet either.


Thanks again!

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