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Helper III
Helper III

How to obtain data of expired or to be expired in 15 days - data in schedule export

I want to export the data which is either less than today date or date+15

Color format also to be applied like if less than today red font and today or greater than today then blue else black


Below method I used in PowerApp in an color event to obtain the result - this I posted, just to make clear my requirement

With( { wRemind: DateAdd( Today( 15, Days ) }, If( ThisItem.RenewalDate <= Today(), Red, ThisItem.RenewalDate <= wRemind, Blue, Black ) )



Please guide for the below :


How to filter in ODATA query for the above situation



I will use HTLM table to obtain the data from GetITems

Then please advise how to compose to get the colors as discussed above,





Solution Sage
Solution Sage

I can help you with the ODATA query part, but I don't know how to accomplish your second part. You would format the query in your Get action like :


  • The first expression is: formatDateTime(utcNow(),'yyyy-MM-dd')
  • The second expression is: addDays(utcNow(),15,'yyyy-MM-dd')

Of course, if you meant you want to get everything that has expired and will expire in the next 15 days inclusive, then you would just use the second expressions and format your query as wRemind le '[second expression]'


Thank you for your reply.

still unable to find a solution.


By your above solution, the data is getting filtered, which further I will be using HTML table to process further.

But within that table how to change the the color of the renewal date accordingly is the question.


Please advise if any idea further.


@MIA27 as I mentioned in my initial response, I don't know how you would handle the formatting aspect of your problem.

Any one can give me more idea how to further compose my html table, so that my requirement can be obtained,

waiting since few days with no answer.

At least Possible or not possible?.

I guess it should be possible as it is getting possible in power App coding which is posted in first post.


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