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How to respond to questions from Sharepoint via MS forms/flow?

Hi there!


I need to be able to respond to employees' question that they submit from SharePoint via a MS form. I see the questions in MS forms, but how do I respond back to them? Is it possible to do this via MS flow? I need to be able to track the questions and if the question has been replied back to by someone on my team, and I need an ongoing list to be compiled so that we can compare and house all the different questions coming in. Any help, and or suggestion(s) would be greatly appreciated!

Helper V
Helper V



Hope I can help, so just to confirm I have understood your query correctly the process is as follows:

  1. User submits question via MS forms
  2. This question gets saved into a SP list
  3. You need to respond using email from your own account

If the above is correct then for items 1 and 2 above I would use the following template which would be flow no 1


You have insert a column in the SP list that contains your answer to the question posed and you respond in that list so you see who asked the question, their question and your answer.


Then for flow No 2, I would use the following:


When an item is created or modified

Send email that contains their question and your answer


Other than that I think it is quite simple.  I hope I have been of help, I am not an expert but hope that those who are may respond with a fuller answer.








the I assume you can use the 

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @SSchmidt,


You could add a "Send an email" action to response to the form question responder:



Best regards,


Hi Alice!


Thank you for responding!


Once an employee submits their question via the MS form I created on our SP site, is it possible to receive a notification in MS Teams? There are a handful of us that are part of the the same MS Team and it would be so convenient to be notified via MS Team vs. email. Also, the form I created and have posted on our SP site I created from "my forms." Do I need to recreate one in "group forms?"

Hi Andrew,


I appreciate you responding!


What would be the benefit(s) of creating a SP list? I'm unfamiliar with this. Right now, an employee submits their question via the MS form I created and posted on the SP site. Ideally, it would be beneficial if we could receive a notification on our MS Team site once an employee submits their question. And then if we could respond from MS Team to the employee's question and they receive an email response in Outlook, that would work. Is this possible?



@v-yuazh-msftproposed what I was proposing in my last post; but provided you a flow visually.  I saw no mention of MS Teams in the orginal post, so that is why I proposed the solution I did unless I did not read it carefully enough.  I am not sure if you can access a SP List from MS teams, or respond using the MS Teams via a question asked through the MS Form.  I will have to leave that to others to answer.




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