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How to save MS Form attachment to Sharepoint directly?

HI there

Previously i have created a flow that save MS Form attachment into Sharepoint directly without going through OneDrive. But now i looked back at the code, there isnt anything that change the attachment directory to Sharepoint. 


To be frank, i also dont know how i do it... So now i want to create a new flow that do the same thing without going through OneDrive but i cant seems to do that and i did some research, the attachment will always go to OneDrive and we need to use certain flow function to pick that up and put it in Sharepoint.


1) Is there anyone that can help to guide a way for me to save my attachment to Sharepoint directly without going through OneDrive?

2) If there's no way to do it then can share how to get the MS Form attachment and send it out using email without busting my OneDrive space (if i not wrong, there shld be a limit to the space)?

3) Also, i always cant get the file extension in my email attachment. Is there a site where i can see how to get the extension for my email attachment?


This is the Flow for my previous Flow which can save to Sharepoint directly (in condition 2, its just email without attachment) but i used first(body('Parse_JSON'))?['link'] for a link in email to substitute my deficiency in attachment with extension)




Sorry for the long post but its really baffling me for a long time.. Also thanks in advanced for any reply. 

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

1) MS Forms saves the attachment files to OneDrive, so there is no way for Power Automate to get the files without going through OneDrive.


2) First, can we clarify are you on OneDrive or OneDrive for Business?  Normally this would be OneDrive for Business and that has 1TB of space by default so space won't be an issue.  Also if you don't need the file after emailing it you can have the flow delete it and free up the space.


3) The name of the file in OneDrive will include the extension.  You can retrieve it by using a split on '.' and then retrieving the Last() entry of the array.


You might find the blog post I did on creating approvals for files submitted through MS Forms would be useful.

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