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How to use Flow to update a Flow? Flow Management?

This might be getting a little meta, but can I use Flow to update a Flow?


So to provide some context, we have a requirement from the business to create an online form that customers can add their details to at various conferences. The details can then be thrown into our instance of Salesforce as a potential 'lead' and linked to the conference they attended (also recorded in Salesforce).


So far I have a flow (called "Create Salesforce lead from Form") that passes data from a Form to Salesforce, where it creates a new 'lead' and links that lead to a specific 'campaign' (using a 'campaignID' that I've typed in). However (just to be a bit fancy), I wondered if I can create a flow that:


  1. on creation of saleforce campaign record of type 'conference'
  2. update "Create Salesforce lead from Form" with the latest campaignID


I spotted a connector (Flow Management) that I thought might solve all my problems, but on the limited playing around I've done, it's not looking like what I was hoping for. 


Anyone got any ideas, or am I trying to go a bit too far?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Stuart_Smith ,


Would you please explain more details about what you want the flow to achieve?


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Alice Zhang
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Thanks for responding Alice. I'll do my best to provide more info. 


I have a flow that I've put together called 'Create Salesforce lead from Form'. It essentially creates two records in Saleforce.

  1. The first contains the details of the customer that they've input into the form.
  2. The second, links the first record with a third 
  3. a 'campaign record' (where details of the conference the customer attended are stored). 

Currently during the 2nd 'create record' of the flow, I've typed in the unique identifier for the relevant campaign record ('Campaign ID'). However, ideally I'd like this particular field to be updated with the latest 'Campaign ID' when a new conference/campaign is added to Salesforce. Seeing as there is an Trigger for the Salesforce connector of 'when a record is created', I'd like to write a new flow that will use this trigger to update the 'Campaign ID' in my 'Create Salesforce lead from Form' flow.


I guess therefore I have two questions:


Is this even possible?




If it is possible, how do I do it?


If not, I might try using 'get record'/'get records' in my original flow to try and get the latest 'Campaign ID', that meets the relevant criteria instead. That would accomplish the same result (customer details will be related to the most recent conference details added to Salesforce) and might be a bit more elegant. Although it would still be useful to know if we can use flow to update flow designs. 



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