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How to use the "Resubmit Flow" action

How do I use the "Resubmit Flow" action?

The four inputs, to this action, are Environment, Flow name, Trigger name and Run ID. 

The Flow name and Environment are supplied by dropdown box so I don't need help with that. I worked out how to get Run ID (using Parse JSON etc) but the "Trigger name" input totally baffles me. What is a "Trigger name"? Triggers don't have a name. Flows do. And there is no dropdown box to select this input value. In the below screenshot I entered the name of the Trigger as is displayed in my flow ("When a file is modified"), It, does not work. If anyone can get this flow action to work that would be a start! 

See screenshots and error : 

Request to Azure Resource Manager failed with error: '{"error":{"code":"WorkflowTriggerNotFound","message":"The workflow 'a5b8951f-61c4-414e-9cdb-73c924611f6a' trigger 'ReceiptCommentsFormatDate' could not be found."}}'.

Entire Ressubmit flow.JPG

Ressubmit flow action.JPG 


Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II


Can you try using "manual" in trigger name?


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Blog: here
Helper II
Helper II

I found this


which demonstrated the "Resubmit" connector is concatenating the URI

but after the i tried and also got the No HTTP resource error

My Full error message as below.


No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI ' '.


I wonder if the connector is outdated

Helper II
Helper II

I found this about REST API

but I really have no knowledge about these

May anyone please help and try to figure out what should I do to use the Power Automate Connector in Flow to do a resubmit?

Helper II
Helper II

by any change if MG @Mira_Ghaly got any hints from the resources above?

Advocate II
Advocate II

The flow fails because of the trigger name, the trigger name should be When_a_file_is_modified

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Refer to this blog post for more details:

FYI: @ericwychan @MrAutomatey 

Helper II
Helper II

Thanks @ashiqf 
I refer to your article and found the way to find the correct trigger name of my flow.

My problem is resolved. Thanks a lot!


Since the owner of this ticket is not me, may @MrAutomatey please mark this ticket as resolved with @ashiqf 's reply as the solution.


Thanks all!



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