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Hyperlink files in automated excel table



I have a form where people can upload an audiofile in addition to answering some more questions about the audiofile. I have made a flow where each form creates a new table row in an Excel file on my Onedrive. 


I would like to have the audiofile downloaded to my Onedrive and appear as  hyperlink in its column in the above mentioned table. (An extra column would be ok as well)


EDIT: I've found the download folder on my Onedrive. What remains is the creating a hyperlink to that file in the generated row in the table


Do I want the impossible? Can anyone maybe help me?


Thanks in advance.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Hi @BarbaraQC ,

I've done a test on my end. When you have a question in MS Form that takes a file upload, you can select that question name in 'Dynamic Content' under 'Get response details' and it will return data with all of the information from that question, including the link to the upload file. It will look something like this:


[{"name":"File Name.mp3","link":"","id":"01WXWXN54PDFJKJHDSNFKFDKHJ65RFT2P","type":null,"size":758406,"referenceId":"01WJKHDFYUGDFNBIX4IEY","driveId":"b!NqxuuBrcpfdnkjfdtoe9eFDKJFDFDMP79NnlVi0PdMdxADWq-TFdsfjhdfaNMK","status":1,"uploadSessionUrl":null}]


To extract just the link information, you can initialize a variable or use a compose step and use this expression:


slice(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r771cae21c0c447cea033d8bff1f00e16'], add(indexOf(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r771cae21c0c447cea033d8bff1f00e16'],'"link"'), 8), sub(indexOf(outputs('Get_response_details')?['body/r771cae21c0c447cea033d8bff1f00e16'],',"id":"'), 1))
This will return just the link. Note that all of the bolded text above is from the dynamic content for the question in my form. You will have to replace that code with your Form question in dynamic content.
Once you have this, you can add a column to your Excel table and populate it with the extracted link.





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Thanks for your answer. I havent been able to test this yet, since this is a side project at work. Will accept as solution when I can!

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