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Helper II
Helper II

ISO 8601 Errors on same form using same flow one set of data passes the next set of data flow fails???

Hi Community, yip I'm back again. This time with the strangest of errors... Form data being passed to SharePoint word template and new file being created and stored in a different SharePoint document folder. Submit the first captured/selected data in the form flow run is successful and document created as expected. Go and start capturing and selecting a second input 20 minutes apart and the flow fails with...


Error details are really cryptic, since I didn't change anything between flow runs




At first I thought it might be related to a date field within the flow and went about defining and manipulating the date in the flow (even checking the value being passed prior to manipulation and checking it again after manipulation)...


Output of the above in the successful run shows:


I thought that maybe the SharePoint online column which is part of a content type didn't like the format as the column was defined as a Date/Time column, so I changed the column type to Single line text as there is no processing required on the date other than to put it in the newly create word document... seems to have made no difference, as the 1st run does as expected and in SharePoint I can see the formatted date


Value from 1st run in SharePoint


The second run through the flow fails in the set variable and then subsequent format compose action as follows (with the error messages at the top of this post)...


My attempt to catch the data state prior to updating the template file also doesn't help...


when I click download the inputs



and the outputs I see what I would expect to see


and then the subsequent update of the template file properties failure...


It can't be me surely? I think Flow and SharePoint are messing with me? Maybe someone out there in the universe has hit this snag before and point me to where this is going wrong.  There is only one other date used in the entire flow and that is to ensure that the output file has a unique name, so I define it with a Date/Time stamp which is only used in the name of the file and not in any SharePoint data column... Those statements and output below...





but on the second run... a failure in the compose timestamp action


yet the file name is created as expected????


Any help or guidance appreciated because this just blows my mind....











Helper II
Helper II

So I can't seem to get around this issue, so I went and changed the output field in SharePoint to a single line text field, then changed the form input field to a single line text field, changed the SharePoint content type that it reflects single line text, changed the power automate flow to remove any reference to a date field and removed any date manipulation routines saved the flow and cleared all historic data from the form and captured new data. How is it possible that power automate still thinks there is a date value in the flow???? I'm still getting a stupid ISO 8601 error for something that does not exist anymore, is there some cache setting in flow that I don't know about? 

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