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Helper II
Helper II

If Excel value is blank, do nothing

Hello all...


I have a Flow with a Condition (to append or replace data in a SharePoint list) based on the value in an "ETL Action" column of an Excel spreadsheet. It either creates or updates rows in that SharePoint list depending on what value has been populated in that ETL Action column. If the value is "New," it creates a new row. If it's anything other than new, it updates existing rows. I want to add a condition where if the value in the ETL Action cell of an Excel row is blank, then do nothing, or terminate the Flow. Considering how I have it set up below, does anyone know how to accomplish this?



Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier

@bchager if you're not doing anything when the value is blank, why include them in the first place?

You can use the filter query on your list rows action to not include blank.

@krootz  Thanks for your response. It's an end user request. Instead of deleting rows from the source file that aren't ultimately included in this business process, they want to just clear the ETL value for those rows.


Any hints on how one would use dynamic content or write that expression in the filter query?

Super User
Super User

Unless I misunderstand the question, I agree with @krootz - but it's hard to say as your question comes across slightly differently in each of your comments:

I want to add a condition where if the value in the ETL Action cell of an Excel row is blank, then do nothing, or terminate the Flow.

You do not need a condition if the blanks have been removed with a filter. Your existing condition will continue to work as before, you simply won't hit any blanks and therefore you would have no need to create a condition.

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@bchager Example below works against an excel file I have and excludes where the DRIVER is blank using DRIVER ne ''

excel blank.png

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Super User

Hi @bchager 


Couple of ways you could do this.


1. Add a filter query . See below here Name is my column name and checking not equal to blank.






This  will filter only the records where Name is not null.


2. If you want to iterate the full record and make a decision then add another condition under your current IF condition where the else part is. Here you need to check Name is equal to blank. Do not set any values




Here under the else you can have your Get Items actions and other logic.



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@krootz  Thank you. I'm getting a syntax error though. To confirm; you used this style end quote (") as opposed to 2 of these (') ?


  "message""Syntax error at position 10 in 'ETL Action (New or Update) ne \"'.\r\n    
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Solution Supplier

@bchager those '' are two single quotes (') 

@krootz  OK, thank you. I added the filter and it works in that if a cell in the ETL Action column is blank, that row is ignored, but the Flow is also ignoring rows where there is a non-blank value in a cell within the ETL Action column. 




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