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Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

If field is blank fun. Or not fun.

Hi - I am having supreme frustration with the if field is blank trick. It's not working for me.

Here's my flow:


I'm essentially trying to do the if field is blank trick. And it ain't working no matter how many tutorials and guides I've read.



My field is in a list in SP. It is blank. I want the flow to send an email if the field is blank and not to if it has something in it. I would also like this trick to work within a Do Until. I presume it's the same trick.

I have tried the dynamic content way and am now trying the expression way. I first tried:

(a) 'Field' is equal to 'Null' - didn't work

Then I tried the above pictures provided - it won't accept it as you can see from the second picture.


Please help. Hair pulling happening.

Super User III
Super User III

In the condition use Assessor_OutlineSubmitDate is equal to null where null is set from the Expression tab over on the right (that is, you don't type it). It works for me.

Los Gallardos

It won't work with is not equal to though?
My problem is not a simple if condition where I can choose which direction to go, False or Positive. It's a Do Until where the field by default HAS to be blank. So I have to make the Do Until check to see if the field is blank.

I'm sure there is an expression out there that could help....


Hi @cardinalpipkin ,

As the error message said, the expression can't reference the 'Filed'.

It's because the 'Field' is come from the 'Get item' action, and the action is inside the Do Until.

So the expression can't get the value of the Field.

You can put the 'Get item' outside the Do Until for a try.

By the way, I was confuesd about that why you need use the Do Until here.

Usually, the Do Until deal with a varying value, here the Field from a list is a Fixed value.

Why don't you just use a condition to check if the Field is blank.

Best Regards,

Community Support Team _ Zhongys

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I need a Do Until because I have a reminder email that needs to be sent out every 2 weeks. I don't think an If can loop.


Does the 'Get item' have to be used with the Do Until? And therefore does it become available as a dynamic item?
Where do I put it? It's as if the Do Until behaves differently to a simple If. A Do Until does NOT accept
Do Until [Field] is not equal to 'Null'.


Excuse all the babbling - here's the simple version: How do you use a Do Until with a blank field?

Massive thank you so far for your help and interest in solving this excruciating problem I'm having.



If you have a reminder email that goes out every 2 weeks then my view is that you should be using a recurrence schedule as your trigger and set it to 2 weeks, not using a do until. That way every 2 weeks it will check if the column is blank.

Los Gallardos



Hi Rob, Sorry I haven't been clear - I can't use a recurrence because my trigger has to be when item modified or created. Modify or creation can happen anytime so don't want it waiting for 2 weeks to start.

What are your thoughts on the Do until? Do they work with field is not equal to null?

I know that Field is equal to null works but why doesn't the double negative and what way around it?

Help much appreaciated.



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