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Helper II
Helper II

Importing Excel file to SharePoint List with Values returned from VLOOKUP in the Excel file

Hello Fellas,


I have a list on SharePoint that is being updated on weekly basis from EXcel with 23K

I set a filter Query to check the Material in the Excel with the status Pending so it goes to the SP list map the same material for updating the SP list item.

I can see the excel which includes the upload sheet returning the data properly but while copying to SharePoint list all Vlookup results are not transferred to the SP list cells/items



Please advise Urgently, 🙂

Thank you for your usual support,


Hi @sherif77 ,


I hope to find you well.


Can you please clarify/provide a few things first (so I can try to find a solution closer to your flow)?

- A screenshot of your flow with the actions you're using (please don't paste any sensitive information).

- Your filter query.

- Expected result vs the results you're getting (screenshot example, no real values are necessary).



Community Support Team - Filipe Rodrigues


I believe I am having the same issue, and hoping for assistance.


I have an Excel spreadsheet and I often copy the data on that sheet and paste into SharePoint list (quick edit view).


However, when one of my columns contains a formula that data will not paste. I really am just trying to make an easy to use template for others as well, but I want to paste the returned vlookup value.


This is the Excel data and the formula is a vlookup in column H to return the full name (from a different sheet) based on an abbreviation in column A.

Formula: =IF([@[Scholarship Award Posted (abbreviation)]]="","",VLOOKUP(A2, 'Athletics Code'!$A$2:$B$14,2,FALSE))


In SharePoint, my similar column H is a drop-down list, but my copied data will not paste correctly.


It seems to add quotation marks before and after the vlookup value.


 How can I work around this?


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual



In your Excel sheet, try copying all the values of the V-lookup column, then in an adjacent empty column, right click, go to the Paste options and select Paste Values. That should paste only the values without the formulas.

From there, you should be able to copy the values only column & paste your values into SharePoint or anywhere else.

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