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In a Flow from Forms to Sharepoint, I need to combine Sharepoint Rows --Concatenate?

Hello. I am not a web developer or IT person, but I have been tasked with collecting some data at work. I was using Power Automate and I ran into a snag. I set up a Form to collect responses from about 50 people. I created a flow to transfer these responses to a Sharepoint List. All good! But, each response to the Form generates a new row in the List. 


My boss asked me to make the Form responses all appear in one row. Is concatenate the function I need to use to make this happen? And, if so, can someone walk me through the steps of it in a way that doesn't require technical knowledge on my part? I have read some concatenate threads, and . . . I am unsure how to try it. The responses are too technical for me. 


Is there another option I need to try, like setting up a Flow to move the responses to an Excel sheet first, then moving an entire column of Excel responses to one spot on the Sharepoint List? 


I would be happy to pay for someone's time walking me through this process. I desperately need the assistance. I have reached out to IT people at my work, but they are unfamiliar with Power Automate and unable to help me. I have 5 days to figure this out. 

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

I think I understand what you're trying to accomplish but visuals would help.

You most likely need a step in between the form action and SP create items action to combine all the responses into a single string (concatenate) using the for each loop.

Can you please paste a snip of your flow, the SP list after the flow is run,  and your desired outcome?

Here is the flow --entirely simple, as you can see: 

FLOW .jpg

I need to use the Form responses to fill out some categories in the SP List, but others will be filled in manually by managers. 

Here is the SP List after the flow has run: 

SP_List .jpg

As you can see, each of the three responses I filled in on the Form created a new row in the SP List. 

I would like the responses to all enter one row so that managers are asked to fill in only one list, with collated information, that might look like this: 

List_with_rows_combined .jpg


I don't need the different form responses to be on new lines. They can be separated by a comma, semicolon, etc. I just need them to all be collected in one row. When I was assigned to this project, I assumed I would have technical support from my workplace. Alas, I do not, so I appreciate any help you offer. 




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