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Infinite Loop in flow warning

Hi all,


I have a trigger from sharepoint when an item is update.


I'll basically check the field "Send For Approval" as my flag with the following options:

  1. Yes (Trigger flow)
  2. No (Do nothing)
  3. Processed (Means flow has started the approval process) 

However, when i try to put an update after my approval flow i keep getting the infinite loop warning.



Hence, i was wondering where did i wrong?

Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi @Anonymous 


Your Power Automate is triggering when something in a list is changed. Is your update on that list? If so here's what happens:

  1. Flow is triggered when there's a change in list A
  2. Flow runs the actions
  3. Flow updates list A
  4. Since there was an update in list A Flow triggers


Here's your loop.


Is this the case?


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Hi @manuelstgomes ,


Yes, that's correct my flow would be triggered when there is an item is created or updated. 


There is additional information which is required to be manually entered prior to the commencement of the flow.


Hence, I have a flag which is the field "Send for approval. The flow approval will only be triggered when the flag is "Yes".  Else the flow would end.


But here comes the complicated part when I am trying to update the flag of the item.


Essentially I am trying to accomplish the following:


  1. If the field flag is No/Processed Do nothing
  2. If the flag is yes start the approval process
    1. Update the flag to "Processed" to prevent repeated triggering.


However, after approval when I try to update the item it would prompt me the infinite loop warning.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

There are multiple ways to stop the infinite loop in Power Automate, Kindly read the below articles for a better idea,

Power Apps Form and Flag Column: 

CSOM Update: 

Multiple Lines of Text as Flag Column: 


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