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InfoPath Repeating Tables not formatting correctly in emails created using Power Automate



New to this Community, and hoping someone out there can help me.


I have about 20+ SharePoint 2010 Workflows creating pre-formatted emails, with the email content data being inputted via forms I have created in InfoPath.  Before you say it, yes I know that both of these are now very old products and I need to move away from them.  Unfortunately my company is still reluctant to adopt PowerApps, so replacement forms I have started to build using this are not available to anyone yet.


My immediate problem is that SharePoint 2010 Workflows are due to be deprecated in November.  I have been frantically replicating my workflows in Power Automate (PA).


I have come across a problem displaying the output of an InfoPath 'Repeating Table' in an email created in PA.  The email Body is simple HTML code.


In the following example I have created 4x lines in my Repeating Table, in InfoPath.  When I submit the data an XML Form is created in my SharePoint Form library.  This then triggers the workflow to run and send out an email. 


Using the SharePoint Workflow, the email 'sender' is the SharePoint site.  In Power Automate, I have created a new 'Shared' Email address, which appears to work fine.


Here is my data in the form:

InfoPath FormInfoPath Form


Here is how the old SharePoint Workflow would display the repeating table data in the email:

Original SharePoint Workflow Email OutputOriginal SharePoint Workflow Email Output


This is the same data displayed in an email created by Power Automate

Power AutomatePower Automate


How do I get Power Automate to replicate the SharePoint email, with the data displayed line by line?  The html code is identical in both workflows, other than being presented nicer in PA.


Original html code in Sharepoint Workflow

SharePoint Workflow CodeSharePoint Workflow Code


Replicated code in Power Automate

Power Automate CodePower Automate Code


The data options of what you can publish out of InfoPath are limited.  I have always used the 'merge' option to combine all of my data.

InfoPath Data OutputInfoPath Data Output


I just need to keep these forms running for another year, whilst a colleague can rebuild them on a website.  Ideally I do not want to have to completely redesign my InfoPath form, unless there is a simple solution, as time is limited.  I am hoping that there is another solution in Power Automate that can correctly format my existing data how I want it.


Thanks in advance



Community Champion
Community Champion

@Rob_J - Email formatting in Power Automate works differently. Rather than HTML tags you need to use markups. Refer Link below, how to format tables.

Here is the extract..

Organize structured data with tables.

  • Place each table row on its own line
  • Separate table cells using the pipe character |
  • The first two lines of a table set the column headers and the alignment of elements in the table
  • Use colons (:) when dividing the header and body of tables to specify column alignment (left, center, right)
  • To start a new line, use the HTML break tag (<br/>)
  • Make sure to end each row with a CR or LF.

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Please Like and Mark this as Answer if it resolves your Issue.

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The syntax to build tables using markdown seams quite straight forward, but how do I add this into my email body being created by Power Automate?  My current emails use the HTML tags, when using 'Code View'.  Is there a similar DOCTYPE statement I need to add to indicate the use of Markdown?


PA - Email Body HTML.png

@Rob_J  - No. Its not going to be HTML. Just type the markups in the body of the action. Format entire body using Markup stags.

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