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Advocate II

'InvalidApprovalRequestor' Error in approval workflow



I've been trying the basic (following the instructions from and when I try to run the flow it always crashes on the "Start Approval" step.


At frist I thought I did something wrong with the mail assigned so I tried a fixed mail (within my organization), however the same error shows up, I also tried an external mail (not in the dropdown list) and it also fails (although with a different message). Has anyone encountered this error and has any idea of how to correct it?


Error description:

BadRequest. The request failed. Error code: 'InvalidApprovalRequestor'. Error Message: 'The approval requestor must be a single, valid user account within your organization.'.

2018-09-18 17_24_27-Run History _ Microsoft Flow.png


Step configuration:


Start Approval Configuration.png




Community Support
Community Support



First, both Assigned to and Requestor need to be members of your organization, and the values in the email format must be populated here. 


Please make sure fill in the email address in the “Requestor” field in the Start an approval action instead of the Display name of a person.


Your error Message screenshot also show ‘Failed to evaluate the template language expression’.


Have you configured Expression?  Although I have not seen the trace of Expression configuration from the screenshot of your action configuration.


If so, please check if the Expression is written or not, or provide it to us. It will be very helpful.


Best Regards,


Community Support Team _ Barry
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Hello @v-bacao-msft!


Thanks for your input, I'm not exactly sure what was incorrect but I redid the whole thing and now it works (I must have configured something incorrectly in one of the fields).

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I am getting this same error as well.  My flow is reading an Excel file which has a column of 200+ email addresses and sending out approval request to each email individually.   I ran several tests using a limited number of email addresses and the test flows ran successfully.   I did go through and verify that all the email addresses were valid.  Screenshot of error is attached.



Here are the flow steps:



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Getting the same error as well, even though the flow has worked around 30/40 times beforehand. 

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Buen día,


Este error es debido a que el solicitante o el asignado debe ser solo un correo, dice ahí que debe ser una cuenta única.

same here ...

Same Here, if I understand correctly we can not send requests or approve requests for anyone outside our organization. Will that ever be changed? We are using flow to generate access requests. In some cases the access is being provided to 3rd party vendors. So in this sceanrio they would be the requester (external) and one of our managers would be the approvers.

with the way things are set up now , we cant do this..this is a problem for us..

I as debugging my flow today, the Approval has run for about 300 times today and now fails wihout a change being applied in that area. 

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Same here...  my approval flow run a few hundred times in last 6 months and failed starts last night, no changes to the flow.

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I had this siuation earlier this week, where I was nesting flows with HTTP-POSTS and thus required a lot of unitary-testing. The part of the flow where the approvers were identified and the Approvals-Request was created had not changed of over 100 runs when it suddenly stopped working.
I gave it some time, hoping it was related to the frequence of the runs or so.... but the error remained the next day. I exported the flow, removed the Approval-part and recreated it using identical parameters... worked immediately. I then exported this situation again, just in case it could help Microsoft during their fix to this.


Seems like something in the behind-the-screen definitions got corrupted during the development of the flow.... 


Tre reconstruciing yourself and see if that works for you

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I am having the same issue, I hve used my microsoft tenant user email address which has a license. but I get the error

The request failed. Error code: 'InvalidApprovalRequestor'. Error Message: 'The approval requestor must be a single, valid user account within your organization.'. 



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We were getting the same error.  Found that the Requestor field under advanced options in the Approvals action needs to match the credentials of the connection attached to the action.


Once I had those matched it started working.


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I have been experiencing this error message when i try to update the 'Assigned to'. Even after typing out the email address in the 'Assigned To' field, it flow still failed. Thanks

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I had the same issue, it was because in the "form" I was using, I was not recording the "responder name" and the response was being recorder as anonymous. 

Once I did it, it worked perfectly 🙂

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