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InvalidTemplate error using select action in flow

Hi Community,


I have been building a flow, which up until recently worked. All of a sudden I am receiving the following error...


InvalidTemplate. The execution of template action 'Select' failed: The evaluation of 'query' action 'where' expression '...The template language expression 'item()['Babukaka_x0020_Hall_x0020_Start_']' cannot be evaluated because property 'Babukaka_x0020_Hall_x0020_Start_' doesn't exist... 




From what I can see it is saying that the selected column from sharepoint does not exist - but I have selected this from the get items output, and I can also confirm its not a required field in sharepoint so even blank values should not impact this from working. The column concerned is a simple date/time field.


Has anyone had a similar problem or able to suggest a solution. My flow is designed to select certain columns from a sharepoint list and create a CSV table which will then get emailed out on a regular basis.


Many thanks for your help in advance



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @amitlathia,


I assume that there might be blanks within the Date column. Please make sure all the fields under the Date column are filled with value.


I have made a test on my side. When there is a blank value under the Date column, the flow would be failed with the error you mentioned. While if all the fields under the Date column are filled with value, it will run succeed.  If you test with other types of columns, you will get the same result.


Please try to fill in all the date fields then test it again.



Best regards,

Mabel Mao

Community Support Team _ Mabel Mao
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thanks @v-yamao-msft Mabel,


Is this not a bug then... In a normal use of sharepoint lists there maybe instances where date/time field is not completed. In my application for example, there are fields which only get updated at certain points for example confirming reciept of payment, or only entering a time/date if a room has been blocked.


Also I removed the date/time fields from my flow and found that even non-date fields are coming up with the same error. It cannot surely be the case that all fields must be completed for the flow to work? I have previously had this flow working but it has stopped all of a sudden, so the data would not be the issue because even in previous versions there were blank fields.


Please advise any alternative work around as blank fields are likely to be necessasary on this sharepoint list.





Hi Mabel @v-yamao-msft and community,


I would really appreciate if someone could have a look at this issue for me - I tried to recreate on another sharepoint list and have the same issues. Blank fields may be the issue, but I really need a work around as the sharepoint list is designed to have blank fields. Is there any way of telling flow to either ignore the fact that a field is blank and therefore still provide the rest of the data from that item or any other work around so I can get the CSV table of the various sharepoint columns?


Really appreciate your support in advance.



Thank you!! Had similar issue, indeed due to missing value. I whould think if a value is empty, it would just show blank.



I have exactly the same problem with 'get items' and 'select'

the error message is the same:

InvalidTemplate. The execution of template action 'Select' failed: The evaluation of 'query' action 'where' expression '{ "SAIBT Entry ": "@item()['Title']", "Pathway Year": "@item()['Pathway_x0020_Year']", "UniSA Division ": "@item()['UniSA_x0020_Division']", "SAIBT Pathway Program ": "@item()['SAIBT_x0020_Pathway_x0020_Progra']", "Requirement on Exit ": "@item()['Requirement_x0020_on_x0020_Exit']", "GPA Requirement ": "@item()['GPA_x0020_Requirement']", "UniSA Program Code ": "@item()['UniSA_x0020_Program_x0020_Code']", "Stream Code ": "@item()['Stream_x0020_Code']", "UniSA Program Plan Description ": "@item()['UniSA_x0020_Program_x0020_Plan_x']", "Note Code ": "@item()['Note_x0020_Code']", "Credit Granted": "@item()['Credit_x0020_Granted']", "Yrs at UniSA": "@item()['Yrs_x0020_at_x0020_UniSA']", "Cricos Code": "@item()['Cricos_x0020_Code']", "Annual Fee": "@item()['Annual_x0020_Fee']", "Total Course Fee to use on CoEs": "@item()['Total_x0020_Course_x0020_Fee_x00']", "UniSA Intake": "@item()['UniSA_x0020_Intake']", "SAIBT Stream": "@item()['SAIBT_x0020_Stream']", "NOTES": "@item()['NOTES']" }' failed: 'The template language expression 'item()['Stream_x0020_Code']' cannot be evaluated because property 'Stream_x0020_Code' doesn't exist, available properties are '@odata.etag, ItemInternalId, ID, Title, Pathway_x0020_Year, UniSA_x0020_Division,
There are no date fields in my list but there are a lot of empty fields
anyone get a fix to this?
Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

I have the same issue. I expect it can be fixed with some sorrt of if(isblank([column name]), "placeholder text", [column name]) type expression, but I'm yet to embark on trying to resolve this. I'll update this thread if I figure it out.

Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@Brian13 and @amitlathia if you're still looking for an answer to this, here it is:


In the select operation, set the value to an expression like this:

if(empty(item()?['Column']), '-', item()?['Column'])
This example replaces bank fields in the column called Column with a dash character. Edit as you see fit for you purpose.

Thank you


New Member

@WillPage Thank you for pointing us in the right direction. But the If(empty.. condition didnot work for me. 

Changing your code to the below worked!

if(equals(item()?['Column'],null), '-', item()?['Column'])
Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

@Balachandan  good to know it worked for you. If I was solving the same problem now I would use the coalesce function instead of if(equals(something,null), something else, something) I'd do coalesce(something, something else) to achieve the same.

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