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Issue with existing CDS flows - Column filter can be specified for change type 'Update' only

So I created a number of flows a while ago and they are all working as expected. However I am seeing a new error message which is preventing me from editing them. 


In the flow checker I am receiving the following error: Column filter can be specified for change type 'Update' only




Now I understand that I am getting the error because I have applied a "Column Filter" on a CDS trigger of "Change Type" "Create or Update".


But this was working fine and didn't generate any errors previously. Why am I suddenly receiving an error on this? Surely Power Automate should be smart enough to figure out that the column filter applies to the "or Update" of the "Create or Update" "Change Type".


Is there any way of getting around this error without having to create two separate flows? What's the point of having the "Create or Update" Change Type if I now need to create two separate flows anyway.





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Super User

Hi @carterbarry88 


Try the below under the trigger action step settings.



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Hi abm, thanks for the suggestion but how/why would that make it work? As an example I have a different flow that has a very similar trigger that doesn't have anything on the trigger conditions but Power Automate doesn't give any errors? 

Trying to understand why it is working in one flow but not another? Also, these flows have been working for months, so what has changed that stopped them working?



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