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Helper I

Issues with DocuSign custom fields

Hi everyone,


I am trying to auto archive some documents from DocuSign to various folders in SharePoint.

To ensure the correct document goes into the correct folder, I have created a custom field with the number of the various location of the company, e.g., London = "100", Bristol = "345", and so on.


When I am trying to create the flow I have input the following:



If successful, the next action will be to create a file on SharePoint. If not, Power Automate will search for the next custom field, and the process goes on till all the locations have been exhausted. 


Although the flow is successful, I am not achieving the archiving of the document. 

Here is what I get:



Of course, it says succeeded since the expression is false. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

Please help!! 

Tks Alessio

Resolver II
Resolver II

To confirm if the left hand value of your Condition is correct (i.e. you're expecting it to be "100"), add a compose action above that condition with that dynamic content in it. That way, after you run it, you can look at the Compose action to see what value is being used in your condition.


If the value in the compose action seemingly matches the value you put on the right side of the Condition, then it's possible there is a datatype mismatch or leading/trailing whitespaces in your dynamic content.


For the former, trying wrapping your dynamic content in the int() expression to convert it to a number. For the latter, wrap it in a trim() expression to remove excess whitespaces.

Hi Cayshin,


Thank you for your reply. I am actually quite new to Power Automate and there are a lot of things I am still getting used to. 


What I am trying to achieve is the following:

I have created a custom field in DocuSign with the "Unit Number" (we have around 30 units in total). What I want to filter from power automate is: every time an envelope is complete, and if the Unit Number is (for example) 100, I want Power Automate to create a file in SharePoint under the folder for Unit 100. 

So, when I ask Power Automate to check the Union Number, this should be a whole number and represents the Unit where the document has been created and completed. Unfortunately, at present this is not happening 😞 


Any idea on how to resolve this? 

Thank you in advance



I did some testing with the DocuSign connecter and it looks like you are referencing the Unit Number custom field wrong.

That custom field falls under what you can think of as a nested table within the output data.





To extract that value, we can do something like this:






Helper I
Helper I

Hi Cayshin,


Thank you very much for your help with this. I will give it a go today and will let you know if it works.

Tks again.


Helper I
Helper I

Hi Cayshin,


Unfortunately, it didn't work. When I am working on the flow, I am not able to follow the same path suggested. 

But I do get what you are saying about finding the variable in the output data. I am trying to work on that at present. Thank you for your help.


Hi Cayshin,


With the help of a colleague of mine (he has done most of the work I have to admit), we have come up with the following:





I have tested the flow and it works, in the sense that a pdf document is created in the correct folder according to the unit number (I have tried only with 2 units so far). 


However when I check the flow, it says that it has failed:



Any idea why this is happening and how can I ensure a "succeeded" response is achieved?


Thank you very much in advance




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