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Issues with HTTPpost inside Message Card

Hi Guys,


Hoping you can help.


We are trying to setup a Flow that posts logged tickets (from freshdesk) to a MS teams channel, we have set this up without issue but i would like to use the Message Card actions to acheive the below.


1. Add note to ticket

2. Escalate the ticket

3. View ticket in freshdesk (WORKING)


For options 1 & 2 I have created 2 seperate flows with a HTTP Request, Im able to get this working via postman without issue but when i try and use withing the message card i get the error "

The remote endpoint returned an error (HTTP Unauthorized). Please try again later."
Below is a the code from the message card
    "@type": "MessageCard",
    "@context": "",
    "summary": "Issue ",
    "themeColor": "25C16E",
    "title": "Ticket opened: \"@{body('Parse_Ticket_Info')?['subject']}\"",
    "sections": [
            "activityTitle": "@{body('Parse_Company')?['name']}",
            "activitySubtitle": "@{body('Parse_Ticket_Info')?['created_at']}",
            "activityImage": "",
            "facts": [
                    "name": "Logged By:",
                    "value": "@{body('Parse_Contacts')?['name']}"
                    "name": "Ticket #:",
                    "value": "@{body('Parse_Ticket_Info')?['id']}"
            "text": "@{body('Parse_Ticket_Info')?['description_text']}"
    "potentialAction": [
            "@type": "ActionCard",
            "name": "Add a comment",
            "inputs": [
                    "@type": "TextInput",
                    "id": "comment",
                    "title": "Enter your comment",
                    "isMultiline": true
            "actions": [
                    "@type": "HttpPOST",
                    "name": "Submit",
                    "headers": "Content-Type:application/json",
                    "target": "",
                    "body": "{\"comment\":\"{{comment.value}}\", \"Ticket\":\"@{body('Parse_Ticket_Info')?['id']}\"}"
            "@type": "HttpPOST",
            "name": "Escalate",
            "target": ""
            "@type": "OpenUri",
            "name": "View in FreshDesk",
            "targets": [
                    "os": "default",
                    "uri": "{body('Parse_Ticket_Info')?['id']}"

I have highlighted the sections in red where the HTTPPost is made to the URL/Target of the HTTP Request trigger in flow.


Thanks in advance



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