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Iterate through a sharepoint list of site URLs and get content from that site



I have need of some assistance with a project I have been tasked with.


I have a SharePoint list on a centralised site, which contains a field containing the URL for other SharePoint sites.

I would need a power automate to get the list items with the URLs, then get the listson that new site and finally retrieve some data from that list and write it back to a list on my central site.

I have got part of the way there thanks to  This post

I am hoping someone can help me fill in the gaps.

currently these are the steps I think I have managed to get working.

I am currently using a Manual Trigger, this will likely be replaced with  schedule trigger at some point.

Moores35TFL_1-1623759001048.pngStep 1 Get The list of site urls


Step 2 get the lists and filter to the one I want




At this point, I assume I need another Get Items action similar to this



and finally a create item action, where again, I am assuming I'll need to write out the items as it wont know the fields. similar to they way it was described in the post I linked.



If anyone can offer any advice or knowledge on if this can be accomplished and if i am on the right track, it would be appreciated.


Many Thanks







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