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Helper II
Helper II

List Rows in Dataverse containing [custom variable]; Multiple Results Given; How to pick the right choice?



I have developed a Flow which watches a Planner Group, sees a Card being created/closed, follows a logical path to its linked Planner and create a duplicate there/close the duplicate there.


This intentionally allows Client Relations to work from their own Planner Group while the relevant items find there way to the Planner Plans of each Account.


Essentially, when a Card is created, Client Relations uses a set list of names to trigger these Flows.


In this case, the Short List trigger name is 'OC.'


Flow sees that, looks into D365 field Short Names for anything CONTAINING OC, pulls up that account, finds its Team Channel, sends it down the path to its Team of the same name (OC).


BUT I have two Accounts with Short Names CONTAINING OC: OC and Block.


We have a database of about 90 Accounts, so this hasn't come up before, but I am sure it will again.





I thought I could use a filter to choose the Account I want, but the filter seems to filter out everything,




As you can see, the Filter looks for anything in its results equal to 'handwritten account name' "OC."


I assumed that the filter would see that result 2 of my Apply to Each contains the OC I am looking for....but it looks like PA including them into 1 string that cannot be filtered by Array.


I want to parse that "OC" value from the Filter so I can attach it to my text ' - task list' for "oc - task list' - How can I do this?

Super User
Super User



Please confirm I am getting this straight.

You have a process that depends on something like an account name containing OC, but you can’t set it to equal OC because the account name may have something other than OC that will change. Correct?


Is it possible to standardize the format so OC always comes at the end or something?

That way you could just use a split of the name to check for OC?




Split(‘Joe OC’, ‘ ‘)




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