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Helper V
Helper V

List SharePoint and send email using PowerAutomate

When create data on SharePoint List but input based on Department, there is an error flow PowerAutomate because using "Append to String Variable" is can't or empty.


This is my flow



SharePoint List, input based on department and stages, 

Example :

stage 1 : input by marketing and send email to Supply Chain

Stage 2: input by Supply Chain and send email to Procurement

Stage 3 - Final : input by Procurement and send email to Creator 




Hi @Ramiz 

Yes, but it had turn off

And yes is running 1 times for stage2 but after update item at stage2 is runing automatically for stage3 

Helper III
Helper III

Hi @Lucas_Ignatius ,

Please check if the Modified By Email in Update Item is same as you put in the trigger condition.





Hi @Ramiz 

There is different email , for trigger condition using : '' and update using my email.


and for update item for stage2 was used my email ''



And I want to ask, for Stage1 it will be 2 times running, there is okay like this?


first running for is success



and for the second time it was an error



Helper III
Helper III

Hi @Lucas_Ignatius ,

You created the flow using email Lucas@***** , so put this email in your trigger because after the email sending process, this is the account or email who is modifying the item. Your flow shouldn't trigger when service account/email update an item that is Lucas in your case.  

The drawback is, even if you modifies and item directly from SharePoint with Lucas, your flow wont run. So you need to have two email accounts. One for your flow and other for testing/updating items.


Hi @Ramiz 


why can't use another email ''? because that email is not created the flow?

And other flow I was created is not need 2 account for create and test flow, why for this flow  used 2 account / email  ?

can you have other solution, because I am only 1 email for create flow and 1 for test the flow.


Helper III
Helper III

Hi @Lucas_Ignatius ,

Each flow has its own logic and design. I believe when you are saving your flow you might be facing this warning message.


If you dont put the condition trigger with the same email then it would be an endless loop. Your initial trigger is when an item is created or modified.  When you are creating the item, the flow gets triggered. Now in the same flow you are updating an item as well so after the Item update its gonna call the trigger again and thats why your flow is running twice and you are receiving two emails.

As mentioned before you need to put a condition so whenever the trigger gets called from the flow itself dont run and that can be achieved by putting the condition as explained above.


I have been stuck in this problem for quite long and then I found Plumsail forms. These forms comes with rich java script functionality. So the way, I handled it, I created separate forms for New, Edit, Display and separate triggers as well.
When an item is created.
When an item or file is modified.


I created a Boolean field called Modify default value = False. When user creates an item this field is false and I have put a trigger condition in my Modify flow to only run when Modify = True. 

Now, when a user modify a record before saving the form using java script, I make Modify = true. In this way my modify trigger runs. 

And if I am using any update item in any of my flow, I update this field value Modify = No. 

I dont know whether this solution is feasible for you or not but I am doing using Plumsail forms.


Also, As you mentioned you have two emails. One for flow and one for test. Put the flow one in the trigger and try.

Hi @Ramiz 

Thank you for always help and support me in this case 👍

I'm interested with your information about Plumsail Form , if you don't mind can you explain with picture about my problem with Plumsail form?

Also about using 2 account for my case I'll ask my Head to give another extra account to test this flow.



Helper III
Helper III

Hi @Lucas_Ignatius ,

I believe you already have 2 emails. One is Lucas and other one is chandra. In flow use Lucas and test it with chandra.


About Plumsail, as I mentioned I have a Boolean field called Modify with default value = No.

I have two flows. One is When an item is created other one is When an item or file is modified.

When an Item is created.When an Item is created.


When an item or file is modified.





Now on Plumsail forms see the below image.





Thats my edit form. When ever a user modify a record, before saving it will make the Modify to True so that the Modify trigger can run. But this will only run if you modify through the form. If you edit using quick edit/edit in grid this wont work. 
So for my lists, I have disabled the quick edit.  


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