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List items present in table (Fin & Ops) - Check if record in entity A exists in entity B

Hi Experts,


I have two List items present in table actions to get data from two entities.


  1. Sales prices
  2. Items




What is the best method to build a list of Items with Sales price i.e. check if Item number from Items entity exists in Sales price entity? I tried researching best methods but did not find the most suitable one for the 'list items' action as above.


Would also need the reverse approach e.g. Item doesn't have Sales price/doesn't exist in Sales price entity. I guess this should be straight forward once above example is working.


Appreciate your help!




After some investigation I think I found the way:


The filter array is set to check whether Item number from 'List items' contains Item number from 'Sales price'


Then checking if the result is not blank - good old fashioned length(body('Filter_array'))


On TRUE, array is updated




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