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MS Flow not filtering data from SQLServer to Excell

Hi Guys, i need some help with the below flow.

Im simply pulling data from sql amd loafding it to an excel file thats on my oneDrive, buy i now wnat to only add new data thats not already in the excel file, so basicly add only new data from sql.

Some how my filterimg is not working.

@Gopala_Krishna  @john_ls  @flow @ShaneYoung @Paulie78 @tom_riha @Expiscornovus @rsaikrishna @darsoohoo @Michal @Anonymous  PLEASE ASSIST KINDLY




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Solution Sage



From the condition that you have shared I see that you are trying to directly compare the resultant array that you are getting from the two action cards.


When you compare the array directly it will not be true or equal because the array structure and elements might be completely different.


Instead of directly comparing the array try to compare the elements in the array by selecting the value coming in from that such as a title or name.


This will help performing a valid comparison and achieve the desired result.


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hI @Gopala_Krishna 


Thanx for reposnding, but im not quite sure what you are suggesting i should do, im quite new in Flow so the termanology is a bit confusing for me.

Do you mind just explaining it again please.

@kcpelesa1 Do you still have this issue or its been resolved ?

@ajdhingr , thanx for responding, i still need help with this.

@kcpelesa1  Can you please provide more information on how often the SQL row is added in the DB ? Does this happen during business hours only ? Also what is your query to extract data ?   

@ajdhingr the query is just a select statement that has a coalesce of 3 different coulmns that have a string to make it one column(select coalesce(Column A,Coulmn B, Column C) as NewCoumn from Table


this can run be scheduled maybe in the early mornings.


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