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MS Forms -> Power Automate -> Email: Requesting File Attachment -> Save to SharePoint Attachments

Hello PA Community!


I have a MS Form where "Anyone can respond", which means file uploads are not allowed within the form. As a workaround, I feed the response details into a SharePoint list. I would now like to add a connector within PA that sends an email to the email address of the submitter (I'm capturing this field on the form) and instructs them to reply with an attachment which would then feed into the SharePoint List.


In my head it could work but now I don't see anything that fits this process, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time and support!

Community Champion
Community Champion

There is a pre-built template that could suit your needs:





Thank you for your suggestion, I currently have a working flow that pushes the Form submission data to the SharePoint list, now I have a condition that checks one of the fields and if condition is met, I would like to obtain a file from the submitter in any way possible (thinking as these are external employees it will have to be through email), when researching I only find sending an attachment through email, not obtaining an attachment through PowerAutomate. Maybe if our organizations are set up for B2B I can grant them guest access to a SharePoint list and somehow have them upload a file. Anyways thanks again for your support!



You could use the "Grant access to an item or folder" action to give the external user permission to the newly-created list item, then have them attach their file to it. It's not perfect (would require that they understand how to attach a file to an item in SharePoint) or necessarily secure (although, you could have the flow wait for some amount of time - a day or two - then remove their permissions), but it does, in fact work.



You could also do it with a separate flow watching a mailbox for a message with attachments and then save those attachments. The trick there, though, is finding a way to link up the attachment to that list item. Also, without even using Power Automate, you could create a "File Request" in OneDrive and include the link to that on the form.

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